Homonym Journal Issue 2 - "The Pay Phone"

Homonym is a Berlin based online journal. The editor in chef, Carolina Moura, gave me a wonderful opportunity to promote my graphic poem with an .mp3 recording. Please enjoy viewing "The Pay Phone" and listing to its original poem. In the journal, I explain my process of graphic poetry as well.

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As readers can see, “The Pay Phone – Graphic Poem” is very difficult to read. Words and sentences are intentionally upside-down and drowning into the similar background color. The cut-out letters are almost like a life-threatening letter. All my graphic poems are filled with personal moments. The cut-outs are origami-paper that was donated from a family of cancer survivors in Japan.

One patient called her daughter every evening from a hospice’s pay phone and said, “I want to live. Talk to you tomorrow.” I could not ignore the image of a patient standing by a pay phone every day to share how much she wanted to live and spend the future with her loved ones. However, the patient’s voice did not go through easily after her many treatments, mirroring her family and friends’ fatigue over time.