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“I Eat Pig Ears in Cebu”

What is stories behind of this graphic poetry?

Gerhard Richter (1932 – current) is a German artist, and he studies new meanings and relationships between photographs and paintings. He paints a portrait with oil paintings as if he uses an Instagram smudge filter. He has various technics such as overpainted photographs (he paints oil over a snapshot photo). When I saw his art, I felt the similar esthetic of interpretations between traditional poetry and graphic poetry. And I wanted to adapt his technique into “I Eat Pig Ears in Cebu”.

“I Eat Pig Ears in Cebu” is a based on my experience in Cebu, the Philippines when I volunteer worked for an elementary school where some of Leprosy descendent attended. As if Richter used a squeegee to scrape the paint to create blurring particular parts of his work, I used peeler objects to scrape a social problem, which the young girl who grown up in the village still had a strong stereotype discrimination against Leprosy. Because of this discrimination…
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Rhino Reads WEST!

April 21, Sat 6:30-8:30pm Hygge Bakery, downtown LA. Free and open to the public! Please visit RHINO Poetry Website for details.

Backbone Press - "Mother Said, I Want Your Pain"

My newest poetry chapbook was released! Please order your copy from Backbone Press.
Janine Joseph , Judge of the 2018 contest
Of the collection, Janine Joseph writes:“I do not know/ if I am even right to be a mother at a right time,” discloses the speaker in the opening poem of Mother Said, “I Want Your Pain.” Evocative and startling in their unflinching clarity of image, these poems are inheritors of the aftermath of nuclear fallout and chemical warfare. They are tuned to the movement of transgenerational traumas. Grandmothers who “hid in a ditch with three horses” while B-29s shot bullets overhead, leave relatives who later ask of our bequeathed earth, “Is the land poisoned or not poisoned?” Here is a striking collection with a deft voice, poised even as it turns on or transcends an observation or emotion: “Grandfather watches TV on the highest volume,/ the howling-wind.”
Faisal Mohyuddin, author of The Displaced Children of Displaced Children
"What remains, in the aftermath of …


A new issue of RHINO POETRY is released! Purchase a copy from RHINO.

Reading at LangLab, South Bend

"Mother Said, I Want Your Pain" contains heavier subjects such as World War II, miscarriages, and leading to our current conflicts. Young audiences (like 7 years old) stopped by me and commented about my poems. Once Herge (the author of Adventure of TinTin) said, his book is for from 7 year-old children. It is a very influential age. I again realize how powerful poetry is.

Photo: LangLab, South Bend, IN

Exhibition at Langlab, South Bend

Poetry Reading and Graphic Poetry Exhibition at Langlab, South Bend

A Presentation of Poetry and Graphic Poetry

Thank you very much for having me, Oakton Community College! I had a presentation of poetry and graphic poetry. It was also my first time reading my newest chapbook, "Mother Said, I Want Your Pain" to an audience. If you would like to order a copy, please visit Backbone Press.