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Two Dollars and Thirty Cents

It takes me a long time (maybe still) to realize that Mother is not absolute. Like her teaching a small thing like “eat breakfast every day”. Her study was dietetics in college, and I strongly followed her until I learned about fifteen-hour fasting (done daily). This experience applies in many aspects of my life. Healthy people do not like living surrounded by these proverbial walls.

“Two Dollars and Thirty Cents” was written after reading “Calmly We Walk Through This April’s Day” by Delmore Schwartz.
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July 2017, Skipping Stone

“July 2017, Skipping Stone” is a fun and romantic piece adapting E.E. Cummings’ interesting lines and word breaks. I would like you to actually read it aloud because phonetically choppy words represent a skipping stone. This is a love poem for two people searching for the best kind of stone and skipping it until stars shine. Some stones dive and some jump like flying fishes.

1950s Poetry Project - "The Sallie"

I am bit nervous to share my 1950s Poetry Project because all my poems are relatively new and I am still receiving rejections from these submissions. And then, I am translating them into graphic poems.

The 1950s Poetry Project is where I studied poets who were active around that time and reimagined their poems line by line and updated their themes with current issues infused with my Japanese-(American or international) point of view. In my original poems, you may see the influence of their original works.

This poem, “The Sallie”, is based on my partner (veteran of the U.S. Air Force) and friends who struggle paying off their student loans with incredibly high interest rates. I strongly believe that higher education should be more affordable and college graduates should not have much debt before they get full-time jobs. I want to contribute to the awareness of this issue.

“The Sallie” was written after reading “The Dictators” by Pablo Neruda.

Tupelo Quarterly - Graphic Poems

Great news is my graphic poems will be featured in Tupelo Quarterly. Thank you very much for supporting this project, Kristina Marie Darling! This is the first of my graphic poems to be printed, so please enjoy and pick up the magazine!

Bad news is one of my graphic poems has been MISSING after I dropped them off at a frame shop. I am super upset; however, I received this news as the universe is telling me to translate my poems from the 1950s project into graphic poems.

Please cheer and follow me when I start posting my new graphic poems, the world of mimicking famous poets from the 1950s with my visual esthetic.

I said it. I am going to commit to this for now. Thank you to my missing piece (I mean it).

Instagram Naoko Fujimoto @ Graphic.Poetry.Trans.Sensory

I opened my instagram account. Please follow me! Naoko Fujimoto @ Graphic.Poetry.Trans.Sensory My official website has recently launched!

A Low Fog Curled

Graphic Phrase - "Through an Indian Brick Town" from Silver Seasons of Heartache by Glass Lyre Press. Please join us a poetry reading, Live Lyre, on September 30 at BookMarket in Glenview, IL!

"Glyph: Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory"

There are piles of graphic poems waiting to be shown. I am happy to share my next book's title, "Glyph: Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory" from Tupelo Press. Thank you very much for following my work.

Angela Narciso Torres x Fujimoto

“POETx Fujimoto” shows how I adapt a featured poet’s cover art into my graphic poems. Today's collaboration is with Angela Narciso Torres. I first study a poet’s work, then find connections between their cover art, themes, and my original poems. Enjoy viewing the graphic poem.

Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV

Please enjoy watching my interview at Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV.

It is a 30 minutes show and I spoke about poetry, graphic poetry, RHINO magazine, Tupelo Press, "Home, No Home," and myself (and my mother's dress). Jennifer Dotson is a wonderful host, as was everyone in the crew and staff at the TV station. Thank you very much to them for this amazing opportunity!

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