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Well.Fed.Artist - Thankful!

Every morning @Well.Fed.Artist features one artist who may be a writer, poet, musician, painter, dancer, performer, or visual artist. Every evening @Well.Fed.Artist releases a one-minutes video for artists. @Well.Fed.Artist wants to help artists to be financially independent. 
You may support artists by purchasing their books and art, or just visit their websites and follow their work. There are amazing and inspiring creative worlds out there! 
I am so thankful to learn and know about the artists every day.  Follow Instagram@Well.Fed.Artist
Recent posts

Pushcard Prize - "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

My poem, "Koi-Kokoro is One Step Before", from "Silver Seasons of Heartache"was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Glass Lyre Press. Thank you very much for believing in me.

Drunk in a Midnight Choir - Three Graphic Poems

Drunk in a Midnight Choir Fall 2017 My three graphic poems are in the issue. Please enjoy!

Well. Fed. Artist.

Catherine Cowie, an MFA candidate at Pacific University, and I established the "Well Fed Artist Movement". Our goal is to help artists (visual artists, writers, poets, dancers, and performers) maintain financial independence. Watch our one minute video at Instagram!

9 - 5 Working Writers

Alessandra Rolffs(Poetry Editor at Cream City Review) interviews writers, poets, and artists in her website. Her series is called "5-9 Working Writers". I talked about my graphic poetry project and I was really happy to show the process of "Dividing" which was recently published in Tupelo Quarterly. Enjoy reading!!

Rhino Poetry Magazine Submission

I am currently a fellow at Rhino Poetry Magazine and am working with their fabulous editors. The submission window is still open (until October 31st, 2017) and I would like to tell you a secret - - statistically there is a higher chance to win the prize! (Picture : Dali With Rhinoceros)

Tupelo Quarterly is Out!

"Tupelo Quarterly" is a free online literature journal. Enjoy reading my graphic poems!

Angela Narciso Torres' "Blood Orange" Signed Copies

I could catch Angela Narciso Torres before her flight to Los Angels. I got more books from her! Her two signed books are available through my website. Also you may see my graphic poem with her cover art.

Visit Naoko Fujimoto's Poetry Shop

Rachel Custer x Fujimoto - Coverart

Rachel Custer x Fujimoto I was really happy to design her first poetry book, "The Temple She Became". The book is available from Five Oak Press and Amazon. Enjoy!

Charmi Keranen x Naoko Fujimoto - Graphic Poem

Charmi Keranen x Naoko Fujimoto  I translated Charmi Keranen's wedding poem into a graphic poem. Her poetry book is available from Big Wonderful Press.
Your Poem x Fujimoto Project