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Well.Fed.Artist - Thankful!

Every morning @Well.Fed.Artist features one artist who may be a writer, poet, musician, painter, dancer, performer, or visual artist. Every evening @Well.Fed.Artist releases a one-minutes video for artists. @Well.Fed.Artist wants to help artists to be financially independent. 
You may support artists by purchasing their books and art, or just visit their websites and follow their work. There are amazing and inspiring creative worlds out there! 
I am so thankful to learn and know about the artists every day.  Follow Instagram@Well.Fed.Artist

Pushcard Prize - "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

My poem, "Koi-Kokoro is One Step Before", from "Silver Seasons of Heartache"was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Glass Lyre Press. Thank you very much for believing in me.

Drunk in a Midnight Choir - Three Graphic Poems

Drunk in a Midnight Choir Fall 2017 My three graphic poems are in the issue. Please enjoy!

Well. Fed. Artist.

Catherine Cowie, an MFA candidate at Pacific University, and I established the "Well Fed Artist Movement". Our goal is to help artists (visual artists, writers, poets, dancers, and performers) maintain financial independence. Watch our one minute video at Instagram!

9 - 5 Working Writers

Alessandra Rolffs(Poetry Editor at Cream City Review) interviews writers, poets, and artists in her website. Her series is called "5-9 Working Writers". I talked about my graphic poetry project and I was really happy to show the process of "Dividing" which was recently published in Tupelo Quarterly. Enjoy reading!!

Rhino Poetry Magazine Submission

I am currently a fellow at Rhino Poetry Magazine and am working with their fabulous editors. The submission window is still open (until October 31st, 2017) and I would like to tell you a secret - - statistically there is a higher chance to win the prize! (Picture : Dali With Rhinoceros)

Tupelo Quarterly is Out!

"Tupelo Quarterly" is a free online literature journal. Enjoy reading my graphic poems!

Angela Narciso Torres' "Blood Orange" Signed Copies

I could catch Angela Narciso Torres before her flight to Los Angels. I got more books from her! Her two signed books are available through my website. Also you may see my graphic poem with her cover art.

Visit Naoko Fujimoto's Poetry Shop

Rachel Custer x Fujimoto - Coverart

Rachel Custer x Fujimoto I was really happy to design her first poetry book, "The Temple She Became". The book is available from Five Oak Press and Amazon. Enjoy!

Charmi Keranen x Naoko Fujimoto - Graphic Poem

Charmi Keranen x Naoko Fujimoto  I translated Charmi Keranen's wedding poem into a graphic poem. Her poetry book is available from Big Wonderful Press.
Your Poem x Fujimoto Project

Poetry Today - Youtube Interview

Nearly 100 people watched my interview at Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV. Thank you very much for supporting us!

Poetry Events Around Chicago

If you are around Chicago this weekend, you may enjoy the following poetry events!

September 29th - RHINO Reads! - Open Mic & Poets Faisal Mohyuddin & Leila Chatti - 6pm at Bookends & Beginnings

September 30th - Live Lyre - Open Mic & Poets Nina Corwin, Naoko Fujimoto , Mary Jo McMillin, Allison Joseph & Jon Tribble - 2pm at BookMarket at the Glen

September 30th - 100 Thousand Poets for Change - 25 Chicago Poets - 7pm at at Outer Space Studio in the Wicker Park neighborhood

October 1st - The Chicago Book Expo - Noon at 1104 S. Wabash

Instagram: Graphic.Poetry.Trans.Sensory

I recently opened an Instagram account. Follow me at Graphic.Poetry.Trans.Sensory!

Live Lyre Poetry Reading

Please join Live Lyre at the BookMarket (Glenview, IL) on September 30 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm to celebrate the publication of “Silver Seasons of Heartache”. Featured poets include Nina Corwin, Naoko Fujimoto, Mary Jo McMillin, Laura Ring, Kathabela Wilson, and Rick Wilson. There is an open mic event as well! Read with us!)

Other good news is that I am going to sell my graphic phrases from “Silver Seasons of Heartache” for the first time. This collection will be only sold at the Glass Lyre Press event. The pieces are limited. (Priced from $40)

Two Dollars and Thirty Cents

It takes me a long time (maybe still) to realize that Mother is not absolute. Like her teaching a small thing like “eat breakfast every day”. Her study was dietetics in college, and I strongly followed her until I learned about fifteen-hour fasting (done daily). This experience applies in many aspects of my life. Healthy people do not like living surrounded by these proverbial walls.

“Two Dollars and Thirty Cents” was written after reading “Calmly We Walk Through This April’s Day” by Delmore Schwartz.

Tupelo Quarterly - Graphic Poems

Great news is my graphic poems will be featured in Tupelo Quarterly. Thank you very much for supporting this project, Kristina Marie Darling! This is the first of my graphic poems to be printed, so please enjoy and pick up the magazine!

Bad news is one of my graphic poems has been MISSING after I dropped them off at a frame shop. I am super upset; however, I received this news as the universe is telling me to translate my poems from the 1950s project into graphic poems.

Please cheer and follow me when I start posting my new graphic poems, the world of mimicking famous poets from the 1950s with my visual esthetic.

I said it. I am going to commit to this for now. Thank you to my missing piece (I mean it).

A Low Fog Curled

Graphic Phrase - "Through an Indian Brick Town" from Silver Seasons of Heartache by Glass Lyre Press. Please join us a poetry reading, Live Lyre, on September 30 at BookMarket in Glenview, IL!

"Glyph: Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory"

There are piles of graphic poems waiting to be shown. I am happy to share my next book's title, "Glyph: Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory" from Tupelo Press. Thank you very much for following my work.

Angela Narciso Torres x Fujimoto

“POETx Fujimoto” shows how I adapt a featured poet’s cover art into my graphic poems. Today's collaboration is with Angela Narciso Torres. I first study a poet’s work, then find connections between their cover art, themes, and my original poems. Enjoy viewing the graphic poem.

Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV

Please enjoy watching my interview at Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV.

It is a 30 minutes show and I spoke about poetry, graphic poetry, RHINO magazine, Tupelo Press, "Home, No Home," and myself (and my mother's dress). Jennifer Dotson is a wonderful host, as was everyone in the crew and staff at the TV station. Thank you very much to them for this amazing opportunity!

Subscribe Seasonal E-NEWS!

Have you already sign up and subscribe my seasonal E-NEWS? Please click the bottom right link to visit my HOME PAGE. Or simply click the picture above.

Naoko Fujimoto Official Website

I left my full-time job nearly one-year ago and I am very thankful for how far I could explore my poetry and art career. I would like to say, "Thank You" to all my friends and family. Great news: My official website has launched! This was truly supported by Angela Narciso Torres, Silvia Bonilla, and Catherine Cowie. These three beautiful women gave me wonderful ideas in order to create my new path. On my website, you will be able to observe and read about my poems, graphic poems, and upcoming events. You will see my new projects and can be a part of them if you like.

Please sign up and subscribe my seasonal E-NEWS. Finally, my husband helped me immensely both emotionally and technically. Thank you very much to him with a lot of love.

Visit my website!

Leaf Blowers Reverberate

Time passes by a leaf blower, I think.  "Silver Seasons of Heartache" #6 Graphic Phrase

Don't Ask Me to Make Love

I sometimes (maybe often) want to break every tea cup when I am upset (especially from love related moments). I wanted to capture these instances from "Silver Seasons of Heartache". This is a graphic phrase from my 5th poem in the collection.

She Said, "Smile".

"Silver Seasons of Heartache" has inappropriate humor in a heartbroken moment. I wanted to capture it using a leftover cutout from the cover art for Rachel Custer's poetry book. (Graphic Phrase Project #4)

My Poetry Chapbooks at ETSY

"Silver Seasons of Heartache" and "Home, No Home" are on sale at my Etsy store. I am closing the shop shortly after supplies are gone!

Cover Art for Rachel Custer

I am really thankful that Rachel Custer and her publisher (Five Oaks Press) trust my art and use it for her first book. You may enjoy reading her poetry book. I absolutely did. Your may purchase her poetry book fromFive Oaks Press. (Photo by Rachel)

“Cracked Sky”

Graphic Phrase from Lunch Time Atlas, "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

Lunch Time Atlas, the third poem in “Silver Seasons of Heartache”, is about someone wanting to talk to her co-worker; however, she does not have the chance to start a conversation. Maybe she is shy, or he is simply not interested in her. Either way, this is a heartbroken moment. In the poem, she holds his hand and leaps into the sky—like jumping into the beautiful cloudless reflection of a pool—and she imagines herself saying, “You will have a great time with me!”
For this graphic phrase, I wanted to explore how to visually express a “cracked sky”. So, I observed the sky—it was a day with a solar eclipse no less!—and used a cut of origami left over from “A Big Bowl of Beef Stew”(#1), layered it with summer-like colored paper used in “From an Apartment”(#2), and, for the glare in the sky, added gold paper from “Mugwort’s Leaves”(#3). *Note: Graphic Phrase is a miniature version of graphic poetry. Currently, I …

Graphic Phrase Is

Graphic Phrase is a miniature version of graphic poetry. Currently, I am translating my chapbook, "Silver Seasons of Heartache" (Glass Lyre Press), into graphic phrases using leftover origami paper from my previous graphic poetry project. Twenty seven graphic phrases will be posted from today. Enjoy.

#2 Garphic Phrase from "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

Graphic Phrase from "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

#1 Graphic Phrase from "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

Graphic Phrase from "Silver Seasons of Heartache"

Poetry Reading at Kafein Cafe

TONIGHT (August 17, 2017) at 6:30 - 8pm Kafein Cafe in Evanston, IL

August 15, 1945

Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces on August 15, 1945. This is 72 years since the end of World War II. War does not only bring out the worst between countries, but also individuals as well. Like when my grandfather lost his hearing in one ear when his own General struck him out of frustration.

Woman Made Gallery Reading – Wild Cuts: Collage and Beyond

Photo by Woman Made Gallery Reading – Wild Cuts: Collage and Beyond on Friday, August 11, 2017
Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory
Would you like to see more pictures from Woman Made Gallery? You may visit their Facebook page.

"Wild Cuts" Poetry Reading at Woman Made Gallery

TODAY (Friday, August 11, 2017)
"Wild Cuts" Poetry Reading at Woman Made Gallery  685 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60642
Event Featuring Poets: Duriel E. Harris, Bethany E. Lee, Simone Muench, Naoko Fujimoto, Carolina Faller Moura, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar and Alison Thumel

Collage has appeared in wildly distinct forms across all the major art, literary and cultural movements of the 20th and 21st century. This event includes collaborative sonnets, Oulipian operations, erasures, a sound/video/spoken word performance, and graphic poetry.

As Ruby Thorkelson, curator for the concurrent art exhibit, writes, "Cutting, pasting, glitching, and bundling, the artworks in 'Wild Cuts' collide to produce a twisting and unstable definition of contemporary collage".

Three Poetry Events in August

Three Poetry Events around Chicago in August
August 11th, Woman Made Gallery "Wild Cut"Featured Poets: Duriel E. Harris, Bethany E. Lee, Simone Muench, Naoko Fujimoto, Carolina Faller Moura, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar and Alison Thumel. (This is my first time to show graphic poetry collection!)

August 14th, Buzz Cafe "Trio of RHINO Poetry Editors Featured Poets:Jan Bottiglieri, Gail Goepfert, and Beth McDermott (They are amazing RHINO editors!)

August 17th, Kafein with local poets and poets from Tupelo's 30/30 project Featured Poets Leonard Zawadski,Naoko Fujimoto, Michael Joseph Garza, Catherine Esther Cowie, and Pablo Otavalo (Have you ever heard Pablo's carefully composed works?)

Woman Made Gallery Literary Series - Graphic Poetry Exhibition, Friday, August 11th

Today, I dropped off my graphic poetry at Woman Made Gallery and met a wonderful curator, Deb Flagel. Please join our poetry reading coordinated by Nina Corwin on August 11th, 7pm at the gallery. Here are pictures of my package and some cool pieces of installation art.

Woman Made Gallery Literary Series

Reading: Wild Cuts: Collage and Beyond

Date: Friday, August 11, 2017/ 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Place: 685 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL

Featured Poets: Duriel E. Harris, Bethany E. Lee, Simone Muench, Naoko Fujimoto, Carolina Faller Moura, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar and Alison Thumel.

Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory

Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory.

Trans. has two meanings.

•    Naoko Fujimoto translates her poems (that are written in English on flat paper) into words and images to create a contemporary picture scroll. The picture scroll in Japanese is Emaki (eh-MA-kee) and the style has been popular since the 7-12th centuries in Japan. Emaki is like a current graphic novel / poetry / comic. One of the most famous Emaki is the Tale of Genji, which is a fictional (perhaps gossip) story about a handsome son of the emperor.

•    The project is also meant for the viewer to transport their senses from the flat paper and bridge the gap between words and images that will connect with their physical counterparts. Like a historical Emaki, there are side stories hidden behind some of the main graphic narratives— they may be comedic or serious— for audiences to re-think what its meaning may be. All of the details (choice of words, origami paper, or  styles) have meanings for their projects.

Here is a close lo…

Graphic Poetry Is

Large Size Graphic Poetry - " Piles of Stones"

Large Size Graphic Poetry  - "Piles of Stones" I am so happy to tell you that I am going to have a small exhibition at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago soon!

Graphic Poetry Is

My project, graphic poetry, is a poem. All poems are carefully composed and most original pieces are published in literature magazines. Most subjects are universal conflicts—breast cancer, earthquakes & tsunamis, stroke, brain surgery, unfulfilled love, or not making monthly rent—I adapted into first-person-narratives where ordinary people confront these broken moments. They are intended to be familiar, disconcerting, thought provoking, and hopefully inspirational. And then these poems are adapted, or visually translated with visual motifs, bridging the gap between words and images.

Savvy Verse & Wit - Review "Home, No Home"

"Home, No Home" was reviewed by Serena at Savvy Vers & Wit. You may enjoy reading her article. "Home, No Home" are available from Educe Press, Amazon, and my Etsy Store.
At my Etsy Store, I would like to offer $8 (this is 35% off price!) for "Home, No Home" and I will sign it if you ask. Currently, I am offering a $5 shipping cost for international orders as well as my newest poetry chapbook, "Silver Seasons of Heartache".

"Silver Seasons of Heartache" is available from my Etsy Store!

"Silver Seasons of Heartache" is available from my Etsy Store.

"Silver Seasons of Heartache" - International Shipment $5 Sale!

I have a poetry reading at Bookends & Beginnings (IL) on June 30 and understand that some of my friends - especially - my international friends may not be able to join us. So, I decided that I am offering a $5 shipping cost for international orders for "Silver Seasons of Heartache". 

"Home, No Home" is currently 35% off at my Etsy Ship Visit my Etsy Ship

"Home, No Home" Summer Sale!

Because I am happy to be finished with my graphic poetry collection (for now), I would like you to read my poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home." I have limited sales at my Etsy store.

"Home, No Home" List Price is $12 from Educe Press and Amazon.

I would like to offer $8 and I will sign it if you ask.Currently, I am offering a $5 shipping cost for international orders.

Click to my Etsy Store.

Printer's Row Lit Event, Chicago - Rhino Poetry #206

Please stop by today atPrinter's Row Lit Event, Chicago! Rhino Poetry has a table #206. My chapbooks are joining with their wonderful magazines! "Home, No Home" and "Silver Seasons of Heartache" are available from Educe Press, Glass Lyre Press, and Amazon.