9 - 5 Working Writers

Alessandra Rolffs (Poetry Editor at Cream City Review) interviews writers, poets, and artists in her website. Her series is called "5-9 Working Writers". I talked about my graphic poetry project and I was really happy to show the process of "Dividing" which was recently published in Tupelo Quarterly. Enjoy reading!!

Tupelo Quarterly is Out!

"Tupelo Quarterly" is a free online literature journal.
Enjoy reading my graphic poems!

Rachel Custer x Fujimoto - Coverart

Rachel Custer x Fujimoto
I was really happy to design her first poetry book, "The Temple She Became". The book is available from Five Oak Press and Amazon. Enjoy!

Charmi Keranen x Naoko Fujimoto - Graphic Poem

Charmi Keranen x Naoko Fujimoto 
I translated Charmi Keranen's wedding poem into a graphic poem. Her poetry book is available from Big Wonderful Press.

Poetry Today - Youtube Interview

Nearly 100 people watched my interview at Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV. Thank you very much for supporting us!