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Opening Night - Graphic Poetry Exhibition

Graphic Poetry Exhibition "Star Fragment"
February - March 2018

Opening Night: 7pm, Wednesday, February 7th

Kafein Cafe:
1621 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

Business Hours:
Mon - Sat 7am - 12am
Sun 8am- 12am

Kafein Cafe - Graphic Poetry Exhibition "Star Fragment"

Kafein Cafe: 1621 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 Business Hours:
Mon - Sat 7am - 12am
Sun 8am- 12am

Graphic Poetry Exhibition "Star Fragment" February - March 2018

"Star Fragment" Graphic Poetry Exhibition at Kafein Feb- March 2018

I am happy to make an announcement for my upcoming graphic poetry exhibition at Kafein Cafe in Evanston, IL in February and March. I love this cafe because it hosts poetry readings organized by Pablo Otavalo (we have local and national poets are visiting). I love this creative atmosphere. Thank you very much for his opportunity, Karissa Cummings. My theme is "Star Fragment". Please stop by and enjoy a shake (It is super cold but worth it!) or a cup of hot coffee.

Savvy Verse & Wit - "Home, No Home"

My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home," was listed in her 2017 favorites bySavvy Verse & Wit. Thank you very much for reading it!

Jump Over

It is too hard to be friends with time, but if I were, I would like to jump over it like the girl in this picture.

Poetry & Graphic Poetry - Instagram Interview

Olivia Todd is a young journalist and she recently interviewed me about my poetry and graphic poetry project at a beautiful Lake Michigan apartment in Chicago. You may enjoy watching the video interview.

Writer, Kelcey Parker Ervick and Poet, Angela Narciso Torres were also joined this project.

I have always loved how Naoko's experience as a native Japanese speaker informs her delightful use of the English language. She comes to English with fresh eyes and ears, creating unique and surprising images for readers, -- Kelcey Parker Ervick

I have these postcards based on my first book one is a painting by a Filipino artist, and I used primary bright colors. So she took each of those postcards and cut them up and made a new piece of art from it based on an experience in the Philippines, -- Angela Narciso Torres

Happy New Year 2018!