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Laura Yoo's Essay: "What Do Poets Do"

Thank you very much for mentioning my chapbook, "Home, No Home," Laura Yoo. Please enjoy reading her essay about "What Do Poets Do".

Ryan Smith's Reviews - "Home, No Home"

Thank you very much for your kind review, Ryan Smith!

New Pages - Nano Fiction 2015

Thank you very much for mentioning my name! 
Visit and Read Katy Haas' Review

Twelve by Three Hundred - May

I take notes because it is much easier for me to write a poem after work or on the weekend. Some writers do not take notes as they remember all their inspirations mentally, and many of them are brilliant writers. I envy them, but I need to do it my way and take notes to best remember those moments I had during the week.

Because I trap my favorite words for a long time, I must have particular note books— a note book that I have been using for seven years is from Italy with pretty flowers on the cover page, a diary-schedule type book is from Japan, and my recent favorite one is from India— I bought it in a local bazaar in Jaipur.

When I walked down some streets in the city, there were several note book stores because they were close to some schools. But all the note books were so dusty— when I touched them to select one, my fingertips became gray... In addition, the makers tried to sell me some for ridiculously high prices, like $10 for a small note book. If I spend $10 in Japan, I could…

Have a Wonderful Morning!

Monday Morning Surprise -- Banana Arrangement