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Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project - "Radio Tower"

Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project  This is one of my favorite poems of mine.
My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home", is available at  Educe Press, Amazon, and My Etsy Store.
My recent projects: Part 1 : Japanese Apricot Wine Part 2 : Protest Against
2013 Project Part 1 2013 Project Part 2

Have a Wonderful Monday!

A cold morning and an ideal breakfast.

Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project #2 - "Protest Against"

I name my project "Graphic Poetry". 
New Project #1: Japanese Apricot Wine
2013 Project #1 2013 Project #2
My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home," is available atAmazon. You may purchase my chapbook & drawing at Etsy.

Visual Poetry Project

I am working on my visual poetry project again. 
New York City and current exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago inspired me a lot. 
You may see my past visual poetry project. Part 1 Part 2

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I wish that I could live in New York City for a while.  (At the Metropolitan Museum of Art)