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Why I Started Collecting Spatulas

This is originally why I started collecting; perhaps, gathering spatulas.    Read my short article about spatulas.
Empty Suitcase, "Dear Roommates"

The Upper Peninsula Misses You

Poetry Reading by Mark Magoon was wonderful. You should read "Sisters" in his book, "The Upper Peninsula Misses You"

Pirene's Fountain: Volume 9, Issue 17 - Silk and Spice

Contributor List for SILK & SPICE,
Pirene's Fountain: Volume 9, Issue 17 will be available soon.
My poems about masala chai are in the magazine!

"Home, No Home" is available at Nanzan University Library, Nagoya, Japan

My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home," is now available at Nanzan University Library in Nagoya, Japan. If you are looking for exchange programs, the university has wonderful lectures.

Have a great Monday!

Have a great Monday!

Instagram by nicOlemasOn - "Home, No Home"

Twelve by Three Hundred - June

I try not to say, “I am busy,” but occasionally say it unconsciously.

When I prepare for work in the morning, I excuse myself from taking care of flowers or other things because I feel that I am busy. My poor, small garden, its flowers will be thirsty as hell until I come back home from work in the evening.

Putting water in flower pots takes about three minutes. If I am observing my favorite purple flowers and they somewhat inspire me, I do not have ten minutes to write a note.  Although, I may need these minutes if I have a morning meeting, and I must leave before 6:45am. Then I ask if I prefer to be late for the morning meeting or enjoy three more minutes with my flowers. And I always choose not to be late for the meeting. I am not a workaholic, but I have a certain seriousness for work in me.

Then some people say, “Naoko, you are a poet. You need time for flowers; perhaps artistic time.” It is true. A poet, Franz Wright, commented that writing must be the first thing in one’s life. An…