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Juked - How to Choke Myself in the Ugly Kitchen

One of my newest poems in Juked.   Enjoy reading!

Nano Fiction Volume 9 Number 1

I think that you may (or should) order the newest issue of Nano Fiction 
#1) There is a fantastic violin composition in it.
#2) My micro short is on the first page of all fabulous ones!
Click to Nano Fiction

Poets Look at Paintings at the Poetry Center of Chicago on November 18

It was a wonderful evening with poets last night.

Poets Look at Paintings at the Poetry Center of Chicago on November 18

Segway Tour in Beautiful Chicago

Segway Tour in Beautiful Chicago

"Scary, No Scary" - Zachary Schomburg

I am really thankful.

Construction Literature Magazine - Empty Shells in Vinegar

I am thankful.

The First Annual Oro Fino Chapbook Competition - "Home, No Home"

Poetry Reading at Poetry Center of Chicago

Poets Look at Paintings
Event Date: November 18, 2015 at Poetry Center of Chicago 
I am going to read a poem at their event. Maybe see you there!

Prairie Schooner - Blog

I was thankfully interviewed by Prairie Schooner. The next guest was Mahtem Shiferraw. It is so cool to read her interview. Click to Prairie Schooner's Blog

Japanese Traditional Art - Etsy Sale

I start selling Japanese traditional art. If you are interested in purchasing, click HERE!

Nano Fiction - "Laundry Girl"

Nano Fiction Vol.9 #1 is out. Enjoy reading "Laundry Girl."

Falling from the Sky

It was so quiet up there.

At My Favorite Spot

I am writing at my favorite spot. Have a happy summer! 

Summer, Lavender

小さいお庭にラベンダーが咲きました。 お花は心が和みます。

Women and the Global Imagination

Construction - Poem "Empty Shells in Vinegar"

I am really thankful.

30/30 Project's First Year Anthology

One of my 30/30 poems is in Tupelo Press 30/30 Project's First Yeay. Enjoy!

Women and the Global Imagination: Light or Left

My personal essay about Woman and Global Imagination is available in Prairie Schooner's Blogwith a picture of sushi. It looks really delicious.

Pamplemousse Vol. 2 Issue 2

My two new poems are in Pamplemousse. Enjoy!

Note to Myself

Requiem Poem for March 11, 2011

Thank you very much for your moment of silence for March 11, 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. My requiem poem from Natural Bridge.

Magazine Stand -

I am really thankful. 
Prairie Schooner 2014 Winter Vol.8 No.4

Prairie Schooner 2014 Winter

Prairie Schooner 2014 Winter Vol.8 No.4 is here!  My poem, Mugwort's Leaves, is on page 45. Please enjoy.