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Love Beer!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chicago Lincoln Park Consevatory

Lincoln Park Conservatory 
The orchid room was very beautiful.  I wish that I could have a poetry reading there...

Welcome to Chicago!

It was a surprise visit, so I quickly created a welcome card.
Have a safe trip!

Poetry + Art Chapbook

I am almost done for my poetry + art chapbook.
This little book will be dedicated to Rachmaninov.

Art & Poem by Fujimoto Vintage

My good college friend found my early poem and art in her moving box.
I had a really wonderful college life as an exchange student  at Indiana University South Bend.
(Do you still keep Fujimoto Vintage?)
Love you all.

Franz Wright, Facebook on May 27th, 2009

Franz Wright, Facebook on May 27th, 2009

"What I would say is this: writing a poem does not make you a poet. Again, what makes a poet a real poet is so utterly simple that if you have to grope for a way to say it, there is a problem. In my opinion, it's like saying what makes someone a real doctor. You are on call at every moment of the day. You don't hear about an emergency and say, "sorry, I finished buying this car, be with you in a while"... 

...There is nothing complex about it (wanting to be a poet). You find you have a talent for writing. Many do. Then you make the development of that talent the first thing in your life, no matter what else you may do (same way a great athlete might, for example.) you never put it on the "back burner" for anything. That is one thing that separates the nuts from the shells." 

"A Poetry Handbook" by Mary Oliver

"A Poetry Handbook" by Mary Oliver

"Everyone knows that poets are born and not made in school. This is true also of painters, sculptors, and musicians. Something that is essential can't be taught; it can only be given, or earned, or formulated in a manner too mysterious to be picked apart and redesigned for the next person.

Still, painters, sculptors, and musicians require a lively acquaintance with the history of their particular field and with past as well as current theories and techniques. And the same is true of poets. Whatever can't be taught, there is a great deal that can, and must, be learned."

I was at Barns and Noble before my hubby & I went to see"This is the End."The poetry section was horrible; however, I found Mary Oliver's and Li-Young Lee's books.

Picture Book

After reading a bunch of children's books, I am working on writing one with both words and illustrations. I am hoping to release it this summer.

Etsy - Lots of Candy

Kadrizinha from Etsy kindly added my product in her treasure list.  She sells artistic & beautiful earrings.
***Click to Her Shop***

Photos on Canvas in a Bedroom

Photos by Kelli Kasza
I am working on renovating our bed room. We would like to see a peaceful zen view before we go to bed. 

Maneki Neko is Ready to Ship Out!

Maneki Neko "Wishing for Your Happiness" 
The two pieces of art by request are ready to fly to New York and Tokyo. The background calligraphy was written by my grandmother. 

Art by Request for Happiness


Wishing for Your Happiness

I am working on art by request. 
The maneki-neko is a common Japanese cat figurine.  It is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Weekend's Reading

"Black and White" by David Macaulay that no matter how day they go, they always come back-- when they want to be milked.
Five out of Five Stars

"The Matchbox Diary" by Paul Fleischeman, Art by Bagram Ibatoulline
A long time later, a letter came back, with tickets to sail to grandmother cried..."You'll eat the food there and forget you home...
Five out of Five Stars 

"The New Friend" by Holly Hobbie
I think you new friend is a bit of a prima donna...someone who thinks she is overly special...
Four out of Five Stars 

Silence" by Lemniscates 
Be still. Lesten. How many things can you hear?
Three out of Five Stars 


Simple Japanese Lunch

Choo Mankai Orchid

Have a Wonderful Weekend!