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By the Stony Riverbed - Poem

By the Stony Riverbed

They always wear old
shoes and march to a rock
sticking out. On a tree root,

a red shoe hangs. Its shoestring
waves faster in the river,
and they jumped off. Their bubbles

come from the dark
green water and I only hear summer
cicada songs. Carefully,

the world listens to them
sinking. I like
to think of their pale

faces. When I see the glistening
short hair as they swim to the riverbed,
I want to push back their naked

shoulders and throw their shoes

into the river again and again.

"..." - Poem

After Roy Lichtenstein

The most difficult beautiful thing I think to paint would be dots marching in a cartoon panel. The tiny inestimable dots carve my eyes and silently leave me between “Ohhhh” and “don’t know.” When I turn the page, you called me, “Hello…” You speak a dot, a dot of a single drop of soy sauce on a silk blouse while I eat a California roll alone, and your salmon is dried out on the summer green plate. My finger smutches a slice of pink ginger, ga-ri in Japanese. That I remember.

My Friend's Wedding Art Take 2

Art for My Friend's Wedding

Poetry of the Tohoku Earthquake with Corey Reutlinger

Corey had a speech at Hastings College and talked about my tsunami poetry project. Thank you very much for using my poems!