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JUNE 29, 2012 - Poem

JUNE 29, 2012
for m.a.

Your first twenty four
days are like an aqueous

dream. You sleep
and forget the smell of home.

Mother’s sweat
soaks the towels. Ice cubes

clank in a glass of water. Your
fingers are cold. They are too

cold for this summer drought. Ants
dismantle a dried cicada. Only

orange eyes roll
on the balcony. Your sweet

gray teethmarks
ghostly haunt Mother’s

breasts. They are soft
and plump with milk.

Bottles line a childless home.

Weekend in South Bend, Wedding & Hello Kitty

New Pages' Literary Magazine Reviews - Spillway

Spillway was reviewed in New Pages. Com on July 17, 2012. Thank you very much for reviewing my poem, Sarah! 
Issue 17
Fall 2011
Review by Sarah Carson

Spillway, an independent, semiannual journal based in Orange Country, California has been around since 1993. But, Editor Susan Terris remarks in her editor’s note that it’s only been in recent years that Spillway became a themed journal.

This issue’s theme, “Crossing Borders “(or “Border Crossings” if you flip the cover upside down), is an eclectic take on borders of all kinds—seasons, wars, and changing family and relationship dynamics.

Some of the borders crossed in Spillway’s pages are more obvious than others, but the variety of perspectives on the theme makes for a diverse issue full of distinct voices, stories, and styles.

There are, of course, the expected poems of exile and loss, of a sojourner leaving one place for another. But there are also surprises, as well as borders that are not so easily defined.

Take for exam…

With My New Flip-Flops by Lake Michigan

Gary Air Show was wonderful!

New Pages' Screen Reading for Anti-

Anti-was reviewed inNew Pages. Com on June 25, 2012. Thank you very mush for mentioning my name! 


Anti-Issue 10 June 2012
Anti- is, as the editors explain, “contrarian, a devil’s advocate that primarily stands against the confinement of poetry in too-small boxes. Anti- wants to provide a single arena for a wide range of styles and ideas, so these different kinds of poets and poems can either fight it out or learn to coexist.” What I found most interesting with this issue of Anti- is the vast breadth of styles that it packs; each poet seemed to bring something different. With some of the poems, I was just captured by the titles alone: "Dictator, By Which I Mean the Mother Brandishing a Pistol with a PiƱata over Her Head" and "When they squeeze us the wind splinters where we used to be, which is also where we are now." In Gregory Sherl’s “We Can’t Schedule a Seduction,” the narrator makes collect calls to God, offering up a list of excuses for his actions. “Discarded …

Ryan Sanford Smith's Book Review

My good friend, Ryan, reviewed Charmi's first book!You can purchase her book from Big Wonderful Press.   ***Charmi Keranen’s ‘The Afterlife is a Dry County’ “I believe–// In extinction”, Keranen declares in the poem ‘The Great American Interchange’, a poem that like so many in this stunning chapbook manages to articulate scenes of complex juxtaposition that would be hilarious and evocative even if incorrectly taken to be mere happenstance. Simulacra, simple blotting-outs, and sincere questions about what is genuine and sacred run through many moments of Keranen’s work but the nihilism of the succinct line above is never really on the menu. Keranen effuses wry bits of it, however, like a choice spice drawn from a kind of wise, even warm cynicism. 
Keranen’s speaker seems always ready to take the world sincerely but, again, what does it mean to be sincere? In the poem ‘Late Cretaceous’, we see the search: “100,000 years out from the homeland// We’re still dreaming// Of a m…