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New Snow Boots
Empty Suitcase - $3,000

This week had been off as usual. Since I started working at the office, I feel constantly drained of energy and never seem to recharge. I try to enrich myself with green tea, chocolate, or leg warmers; but Tuesday, out of nowhere I had serious back pains. As my depression might be returning, I ended up suffering a massive fever on Friday and hosted a party of influenza throughout the weekend.

My death metal hubby chased me with TheraFlu, heating pads, and that incessantly beeping thermometer. But I screamed that “I really want to be sick! Leave me alone!” My hubby left my sleeping body and cranky disposition to watch the NFC championship game Sunday at his parent’s house. I think that it was the best decision that he ever made.

Maybe my karma caught up with me because my body was not well rested. I had several mistakes at work the day before the fever. I accidentally ordered a large amount of custom tool holders last fall, and I started Thursday morning in m…
Empty Suitcase + Wrench
No. 51

Happy New Year! It has been a long time since updating my real life inspired but grossly exaggerated stories. (Thank you very much to the nine people who still visit my blog!) Well, I am still writing poetry, but not very much. I instead write business emails in Japanese a lot.

I am working for in the live tool industry supporting engineers and purchasing wrenches, more wrenches, and other wrench-like parts that I have never seen before in my life. The live tool industry makes tools for cutting or shaping metal, wood, and other industrial substances. Industries such as cars, cellular phones, pots, and everything that we often use need the live tools to create their products.

I am sure it is one of the more important, but overlooked jobs in human history. I am basically now a typical, hard working Japanese office worker who devotes their life to increasing quarterly profits and streamlining mass production; just like my father, who had a serious cerebral hem…