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By Rae Armantrout

I hear them talking

I know they're planning
to come in. They haven't

yet because they're waiting
for someone or something.

You might be amused by this.

(This focus on out and in.)

I'm looking for a
heart to heart,

a rhyme

between the blankness of my

and the blue emptiness

Why there is not a period in the last line?
July 4th, Navy Pier
Quickest tooth removal in Northern Illinois
Perfect food court for us...
Never thought I would feel sorry for a octopus before.

Photos by A.K. Random places.
"AS OF LATE" is accepted byHOTEL AMERIKA.

..........for my friend, n.k.
.....Some of the work confronting us
.....will not be completed during my presidency...

I told you during the speech,
I am five days late.

.....Some, like the elimination of nuclear weapons,
.....may not be completed in my lifetime…

I can no longer remember that I wanted to bear a child.

My grandfather met a pregnant woman, summer 1945.

She held an empty bottle and a little red kimono
.....and she sat down by the gray wall.

He gave her water

.....and kept walking to the hill near Hiroshima
.....and then bullets rained

.....and the atomic bomb...

He found the woman again
with a shred of the red cloth.

Her bowels
.....and placenta were spread

under the wall; in the ditch.

He did not find her unborn child but he smelled it.

After rain and rain, the moon
threw down a little blue light.

.....How beautiful the spring of 1946 was;

dandelions and clovers covered the wall
.....and nobody cou…