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I am reading "News of the World" by Philip Levine.

One of favorite from his book...


Smiling, my brother straddles a beer keg
outside a pub, 1944, a year
of buss bombs. He's in the Air Corps,
on a mission to London to refill
oxygen tanks for B-24s, the flying coffins
as they were dubbed by those who flew
them night after night. Fifty years later
a German writer on a walking trip
through East Anglia meets gardener
who recalls as a boy of twelve hearing
the planes taking off at dusk to level
the industrial cities of the Ruhr
and later when the Luftwaffe was all
but destroyed whatever they could reach.
"50,000 American lads died." The gardener
recalls waking near dawn, the planes
stuttering back in ones and twos.
How many Germans died we may
never know. "Must have been women,
children, and the very old what with
all the eligible men gone to war."
The German novelist writes it down
word for word in his mind and goes
on to an appointment with an English
writer born in Ge…
Something White Project is successfully done. I decorated with my Grandmother's handmade tablecloth. Aaron made a frame for my art because it is too huge for any frames in stores.

Our Dining Room with a Kapok Tree
I am reading Louise Gluck's book, "A Village Life."

Two favorite poems from her book.


Not far from the house and barn,
the farm worker's burning dead leaves.

They don't disappear voluntarily;
you have to prod them along
at the farm worker prods the leaf pile every year
until it releases a small of smoke into the air.

And then, for an hour or so, it's really animated,
blazing away like something alive.

When the smoke clears, the house is safe.
A woman's standing in the back,
folding dry clothes into a willow basket.

So it's finished for another year,
death making room for life,
as much as possible,
but burning the house would be too much room.

Sunset. Across the road,
the farm worker's sweeping the cold ashes.
Sometimes a few escape, harmlessly drifting around in the wind.

Then the air is still.
Where the fire was, there's only bare dirt in a circle of rocks.
Nothing between the earth and the dark.


Like a child, the earth's going to …
I am reading "Lucifer at the Starlite" by Kim Addonizio.

Two favorite poems from her book...


It was following me so I killed it,
I felt kind of bad but it was following me

so I cut off the head with scissors,
the neck was thin and rubbery, easy to sever,

it wasn't a bad pig--more like a dog
that hasn't been trained,

it's not the dog's fault.
Maybe it was lost and needed my help

but I didn't like seeing it every time
I turned around. Are you with me on this one?

Don't waste a thought on that pig.
Never mind how it bled

without making a sound, black welling up
under the scissors. Did I say they were shears?

Never mind the shears.
This is all in my head, all right? Forget it.

It could have been a boy, four, maybe five
years old. It had that trusting look.

Though come to thing of it
there was something thievish

in the corners of the eyes.
They were pinking shears,

with say-toothed blades. I killed it
so it would stop. What did I have

that it could want? This was just a…
Something White Project Update
Almost Done!
I receivedPassages North: Winter/Spring 2010by Northern Michigan University. I read the magazine while I was waiting for my new driver license at a license branch in Illinois. When I took a written test in Indiana six years ago, I failed eights times; however, I passed it on the first try today. My English reading skill has been really improved. I am really glad that I got a master degree in English.

Contributors are...

Jennifer Lynn Alessi, Paul Scot August, John Azrak, Priscilla Becker, Shelley Berg, Monica Berlin, B.J. Best, Mary Biddinger, Malachi Black, Hadley Boyd, Jamie Brunton, Claudia Burbank, Kim Chinquee, Katie Cortese, Jim Daniels, Jordan David, Katrina Denza, Owen Duffy, Mary Beth Ferda, Gary Fincke, Naoko Fujimoto, Christine Garren, Laura Gibson, Aaron Bilbeath, Mariela Griffor, Becky Hagenston, Michael Hemery, Bob Hicok, Daniel John, Jonathan Johnson, Charmi Karanen, Hailey Leithauser, Tim Lockridge, Sara Maclay, Pamela McClure, Jane Mead, Travis Mossotti, Mark Neely, Ro…
I am reading Zachary Schomburg's "Scary, No Scary." According tohis blog, He will be in Chciago on Apr. 29, 2010, Thursday. Columbia Poetry Review Reading and Release Party. Chicago, IL.

Columbia Poetry Review no. 23 Release Party & Poetry Reading
Thursday, April 29, 5:30 p.m.
Ferguson Hall
600 South Michigan, 1st Floor

And one of my favorite poems from "Scary, No Scary."


When I cupped my hand a broken hummingbird fell into it.
Its eyes had been pecked out, its beak was missing, and I could
see its heart beating through its torn chest. The heart began
to fall out, so I put my finger there to hold its heart in. It felt
more like a vibration than a heartbeat, like a moth's wing. It
felt good on my finger. Then another broken hummingbird
fell, but into the pond. It made a few ripples and then floated
there on its side, left leg twitching, beak frozen open, stiff little
creature with one wing straight up.…
Aaron and I were invited by Chelle and Jon's Wedding. It was a very wonderful party. Congratulations and happy birthday to Chelle!


(1) 先般、シカゴ市郊外に在住する邦人の方から、「知人(以下Aさん)にな







(2) Aさんを名乗るEメールは英文で記載されており、差出人として表示され









(3) Aさんを名乗るEメールの内容は非常に切迫しており、心配した通報者の











(4) このようなEメールを悪用した詐欺の手口は、個人のメール・アカウント

Writing Carrier
Writing Hobby and Writing Habit

Since I have been looking for a job, I have had more time to read books and listen to Japanese radio shows than before. I am going to meet my fellow poets next week, so I should start at least one or two new poems for a workshop. I wrote down “A red kettle that my mother bought” in my notebook.

I am just killing my time to entertain myself. And my death metal guy told me that I am suffering from a total lack of stimulation (bored all of the time). I chase my cat and call his name hundreds of times a day.

After I read books of my current favorite Japanese author, Oe, Kenzaburo (大江 健三郎), I listened to a radio show hosted by Kume, Hiroshi (久米 宏). Kume was interviewing Oe to ask why young Japanese children cannot identify their desired role in society.

Oe explains how important it is for young peoples to have “habits of life.” He is a writer, so writing is his habit since he was a young student. Kume long enjoyed researching and conveying fac…
"The black cat is playing a red ribbon"
--a birthday gift from my sister.
Writing Carrier
Wander the Screen Land

I just watched Alice in Wonderland about fifty minutes ago, and it was a very wonderisting journey with my death metal guy; well, I got reimbursement.

My favorite actress, Anne Hathaway, was as white as a granite chess piece, until a red dot appeared on her forehead. Somebody— I would like to name him/her as someone who loved pointing at objects not only on powerpoint screens but also at the white queen’s forehead.

Maybe the pointer obsesses over pointing at random objects and wanted to let me know the invisible cat was on the white queen’s forehead. I would like to thank you for dragging my attention all over the screen and away from Tim Barton’s artwork.

I left the theater and talked to workers about the situation—how my first fifteen minutes were wonderfully ruined by chasing down management to stop the pointer. I even missed Alice’s fall into the hole.

The workers were wonderfully helpful. They came to the dark theater with a flash light and war…
Something White Project Update
with my proud new phone.