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Writing Carrier
Something White

Here I am in Chicago-land. I do miss my family already, though. My death metal guy and I are just fine… if your definition of fine is creatively finding anything and everything to argue over. Like what kind of bread to buy— croissants or a loaf of whole grain bread—in the middle of an international supermarket in Illinois.

I wanted croissants but bought the bread instead. I did not talk to him until dinner was ready. I cooked his favorite Italian potato dish with a poison, but his stomach is apparently as hard as his head, so I am out a bottle of poison and he’s thanking me for a great dinner. He won that round.

Our new apartment is still messy, but it is getting to become a home—welcoming and warm—after the mandatory first day death match between a vociferous Japanese wife and a stubborn American husband.

But do not worry. If you knocked on our door, we will promise that a frying pan will not fly over your head as he has learned to catch them mid-flight.…
Guess where we are standing right now?
The first sunrise of the new year from the Japanese style of hotel, Ginsui Sou. I wish you a wonderful year in 2010 from Nagoya!