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If you (and your friends etc) are looking for a wedding dress slip size 4, you may visit...
My black cat was watching my dead bonsai tree and thought,

"Oh, Bonsai,
How you are dry
Like my my food."

................--O-Yuki the black cat
My thesis project was accepted yesterday and Aaron congratulated me with my new favorite yellow flower.
Announcing a new national poetry prize to be based at Indiana University South Bend:2010 Lester M. Wolfson Poetry Award
Deadline March 1, 2010.Judge: David Dodd Lee, Series Editor

The Lester R. Wolfson Poetry Award is being created in an effort to bring fresh and original voices to the poetry reading public. The prize will be offered annually to any poet writing in English, including poets who have never published a full length book as well as poets who have published several. New and Selected collections of poems are also welcome. The winning poet will receive $1,000 and publication of his or her book. The winner will also be invited to give a reading at Indiana University South Bend as part of the release of the book. Finalists, other than the prize-winning manuscript, will be considered for publication. The final selection will be made by the Series Editor. Current or former students or employees of Indiana
University South Bend, as well as friends of the Series Editor, are not eligi…
"White Avenue" and "Shigeru" are accepted by Epiphany / a Literary journal.


I slough off your blanket; your pubic hair: my lost
long hair; my toe dampens in a muddled snow rut;
snow: soundless snowflake, falls; I wear mourning:
the snow white mourning; a cloud flows in vacancy:
the vacant moon: no headlights; I carry my lithograph;
the plastic lithograph glued with a half eaten rotten
tomato; I die; no spring clod; no green stars:
his green eyes; sleet hisses on my skin when the first
acid rain: oval mauve acid, falls on my nape; a nameless
tree: the smallest vermeil bud opens; I’m a marionette; his
wrist: his artery: the warmest artery of his forefinger;
my thigh; his pulse: it is spring; the warmest spring;
footprints of deer are on the snow rut; I’m naked; the naked
heart: rotten tomatoes under the white blanket.


My grandfather received
his name on February 9, 1919. When he died,
he lost his name on the whitest
sheets in a nook of the hospital

Downtown South Bend News

July 8, 2009 — SOUTHBEND, IN – Downtown South Bend, Inc. (DTSB) and the Art Beat steering committee are pleased to announce the winner of the annual Art Beat Commemorative Print Contest. This year’s winning artist, Naoko Fujimoto, is a Japanese poet and fine artist living in South Bend. The artwork titled, Wedding Treasure Hunting at Art Beat, is a colorful pastel pencil and mixed material piece reflecting Fujimoto’s Japanese upbringing and culture. Fujimoto commented on the thoughts behind creating Wedding Treasure Hunting at Art Beat. “This piece expresses the desire of a bride who realizes her wedding is the day after Art Beat! She is always a last minute person and is still missing many items needed for the wedding. The bride’s artistic friends, who make fabulous customized dresses, hats, accessories, party favors, stained glass candle holders and other beautiful things, are showcasing their works at Art Beat. This work of art gleefully depicts the bride ru…
This is not a Wedding Dress.
Writing Carrier

Becoming an American is expensive, painful, and sadly not exciting! I have already spent at least two thousand dollars to apply for permanent residency and working status, and my bank account is lighter than my cat’s hair. All my savings are gone. The savings for my wedding ceremony is gone. I have never experienced this insecure feeling of lacking finances. My death metal guy has two jobs to support me (with college) and we do not have enough time to spend even though we are a newly married couple. My working visa has not arrived yet so I stay at home looking at bills and bills and pretend to be a housewife. Well, I will eventually overcome this situation and earn money again, so I need to stop whining.

Let me whine just one more time. When I realized that I am actually one of thousands of immigrants here, my brain recalls a black and white movie about Elise Island I had seen on the History Channel. Hundreds of people lined up in the immigration office and received phys…
Writing Carrier

Yes, I did not clearly answer the previous questions like: “How do you learn writing in the second language?” in the last blog post.

If readers are looking for particular answers on those questions, they should read books about how to write. There are tons of great textbooks. My writing professors used “The Poet’s Companion” by Kim Addonizio, “Your Life as Story” by Triatine Rainer, “Proofs & Theories” by Louise Gluck, “The Triggering Town” by Richard Hugo, etc… But I cannot guarantee that those textbooks are useful for each writing goal. If the readers can afford taking college classes with those professors, it may be a good idea for them to develop their own writing processes. In addition, if the readers truly want to understand how I learned writing in a second language, they may try to write some short stories or poems in their familiar second languages— French, Spanish, and German— those experiences may open their new ability to be creative.

To the truth those t…
Seeking Analecta Editor
When the new semester begins, the Publications Board will be accepting applications for the position of Editor of our student literary journal, Analecta. Applicants will be interviewed by the board. This is a paid position–a $600 stipend.Duties include: advertising for submissions, reading and deciding on work (poems, stories, nonfiction, artwork) to be included in the issue, finding and working with an artist on the cover and design, creating a file of the final issue to send to the publisher, working with the publisher to make sure the journal is available in April, etc.MORE INFORMATION AND A FORMAL CALL FOR APPLICANTS WILL BE AVAILABLE WHEN SCHOOL STARTS.