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Painted by Amedeo Modigliani

"On the Beach" is accepted by Slipstream #28 2008 spring/summer!


I burn the upright piano

blazing plumage of the sunset

My fingertips are scalded but I must finish
my rhapsody

sand of primrose shells

the eggshells

The yolk, veins of a medium boiled egg
I hate it; I want it

in your eyes
Your eyes: a waning star

My brain: out of tune

I smell the strings smolder
the chair scorches and my skirt

The ashen feathers fly
these white pieces return to home
home toward the horizon

The sun will be gone in seventeen seconds

The Preface

Empty Suitcase:
A First Day of College Life

Spring 2004 was my first semester, “Hello, South Bend!” I was an excited international student from a warmer city, Nagoya, Japan. I wore a matching white hat, scarf, gloves, jacket, and hiking snow boots just like a miniature marshmallow sumo wrestler, who landed on the moon; perhaps, my first class, W130, an English composition class. The composition class was hard as hell— introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion— the English writing style is very different from Japanese writing. The class discussions gave me a headache and stomachache. For class participation, I spoke up, “Is George Eliot a man or woman?” I even had no idea how to finish writing more than five pages with the MLA style. “What is MLA style?” was my first question in the class, being buried under piles of homework.

If I received C+/B-, I quietly celebrated my achievement with a glass of orange juice—after 21st year old birthday; I celebrated any kind of occasions w…

Moving Out...

1014 Bellevue St.