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The Preface

Empty Suitcase: High Heels on the Track
By Naoko Fujimoto

Writers need inspiration, just like a spark at first sight, so they need in some flesh experience every day, which was an excuse when I bought my pointed-toe pumps in Chicago last weekend. I believe that those shoes will bring an unexpected spark for me.

My new high heels are streamlined yet elegant in deep ruby. I looked at them hundreds of times before trying them on. How enchanted the high heels are! I took pictures and I even read poems to them. I adore my new pointed-toe pumps.

Putting my shoes on the dining table, I still wonder what extremely unusual experiences I could have in those shoes—dive into the St. Joseph River without a lifesaver, running one mile on Mishawaka Ave. without any clothes on (of course avoiding Police officers,) or sing Over the Rainbow on campus with a microphone. I only came up with these extreme examples, so to refresh my mind, I decided to exercise at the SAC last Thursday with my gym clothes on.…

The Preface: Empty Suitcase

The Exclusive Phone Bill
By Naoko Fujimoto

My phone bill was a couple hundred dollars over my plan and I fainted. I talked 3000 minutes over my free limit last month, so I investigated why it happened by looking over my bill.

I remembered that I talked about stray cats almost every day in early last month. A cat and her four newborn babies were rescued from a narrow gap by my friend’s barn. The conversations started using up all my free minutes because her husband mowed the lawn while she talked to me.

I spent sixteen dollars to talk to someone who has the last four digits, 0987. Even though I had no idea who they ware, I talked to that person for fifty minutes on one Friday evening. The person must be close, but I did not find the phone number in my address book. Did I talk to my imaginary friend when I spent a lonesome Friday night?
My phone usually does not ring at all, but on one Tuesday four people tried to get me at the same time and the four phone numbers were beautifully juggled li…

The IUSB Vision

Toilet Battles—Western or Asian style?
By Naoko Fujimoto

“Oh the bathroom! I wish it was the exact same as Asian style!” screams a student from Japan. A student from Taiwan added, “It is a kind of embarrassing to use American bathrooms” and another student from Thailand said, “American bathrooms have no privacy!” Some Asian students complain about precise differences between Western and Asian style restrooms.

Let’s imagine restrooms at IUSB. When someone is in a bright red stall at Wiekamp, you can see the person’s legs, which means the door has a space to show somebody is in it. The space would be helpful for security reasons, etc; however, the door is one of the reasons Asian students feel uncomfortable.

Most Asian bathrooms have full cover doors, which mean that you cannot see inside and need to knock on the door to make sure nobody is in it. You may think that it is not good for security but there are emergency call buttons in most restrooms and stalls. If you are in a stall and a pe…