Graphic Poetry Online Audio Project

I am currently working on my online audio project, which will be released on January 19, 2019 along with my graphic poetry exhibition at the Arlington Green Executive Centre (supported by the Northwest Cultural Council).

Graphic poems are enjoyable themselves; however, it may be more interesting when the audience has accesses to more sensory input. So, I asked ten established poets who I respect and love their artistic styles to record my original poems.

Gabrielle Bates responded first (she recently published her poem in the New Yorker) and read “Dividing” for me. When I heard her recording, I was chilled—about ten years ago, I just started writing poems in my second language and many people (including myself) did not know that it was an achievable idea. But now, a leading poet like Gabrielle is supporting my project. I literally rolled on the floor like a happy cat. (though my cat scoffed at my technique)

I will post all ten poets and writers shortly. I am so excited to share the recordings and graphic poems through my website. I am just thankful that I have a chance to pave a poetic path with them.