Coming Soon - New Graphic Poetry Exhibition

There are so many things happening in October. First, I would like to share some good news: my poems were accepted by the Kenyon Review and Seattle Review, and I am thankful that the editors believe in my works.

In the Kenyon Review, “Low Orbit” will be published next year. I have been writing in a space/universe theme after I had an infestation of ants from the Los Angeles Book Fair. (I tended our RHINO Poetry booth and their table cloths somehow became the ants’ new home.) So, I started studying ants, mainly how to get rid of them, and ended up writing the space theme. “Spaceflight Sonata Vol.1 and 2” will be in the Seattle Review. These poems are fourteen pages total, and I am so happy that the editors appreciated my compositions. Please enjoy reading my poems in their upcoming issues.

I also had a lecture for the Northwest Cultural Council. The organization invites poets for their monthly workshops. This is open to the public, and Lois Baer Barr will be leading it in December.

Finally, I am going to have a new graphic poetry exhibition next year. I am so thankful that this is my fourth exhibition. My previous exhibitions were at Woman Made Gallery (Chicago), Kafein (Evanston), and LangLab (South Bend). I would like to share my dream, which is to show my graphic poems through an online audio system. I am working on it right now, so wish me luck and please visit my show next year!

January 19 - April 6
Graphic Poetry Exhibition
Northwest Community Healthcare Medical Center
2101 Arlington Heights Rd.