Angela Narciso Torres x Fujimoto

“POETx Fujimoto” shows how I adapt a featured poet’s cover art into my graphic poems. Today's collaboration is with Angela Narciso Torres. I first study a poet’s work, then find connections between their cover art, themes, and my original poems. Enjoy viewing the graphic poem.

Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV

Please enjoy watching my interview at Poetry Today at City of Highland Park PEG Access TV.

It is a 30 minutes show and I spoke about poetry, graphic poetry, RHINO magazine, Tupelo Press, "Home, No Home," and myself (and my mother's dress). Jennifer Dotson is a wonderful host, as was everyone in the crew and staff at the TV station. Thank you very much to them for this amazing opportunity!

Naoko Fujimoto Official Website

I left my full-time job nearly one-year ago and I am very thankful for how far I could explore my poetry and art career. I would like to say, "Thank You" to all my friends and family. Great news: My official website has launched! This was truly supported by Angela Narciso Torres, Silvia Bonilla, and Catherine Cowie. These three beautiful women gave me wonderful ideas in order to create my new path. On my website, you will be able to observe and read about my poems, graphic poems, and upcoming events. You will see my new projects and can be a part of them if you like.

Please sign up and subscribe my seasonal E-NEWS. Finally, my husband helped me immensely both emotionally and technically. Thank you very much to him with a lot of love.