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Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory

Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory.

Trans. has two meanings.

•    Naoko Fujimoto translates her poems (that are written in English on flat paper) into words and images to create a contemporary picture scroll. The picture scroll in Japanese is Emaki (eh-MA-kee) and the style has been popular since the 7-12th centuries in Japan. Emaki is like a current graphic novel / poetry / comic. One of the most famous Emaki is the Tale of Genji, which is a fictional (perhaps gossip) story about a handsome son of the emperor.

•    The project is also meant for the viewer to transport their senses from the flat paper and bridge the gap between words and images that will connect with their physical counterparts. Like a historical Emaki, there are side stories hidden behind some of the main graphic narratives— they may be comedic or serious— for audiences to re-think what its meaning may be. All of the details (choice of words, origami paper, or  styles) have meanings for their projects.

Here is a close lo…

Graphic Poetry Is

Large Size Graphic Poetry - " Piles of Stones"

Large Size Graphic Poetry  - "Piles of Stones" I am so happy to tell you that I am going to have a small exhibition at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago soon!

Graphic Poetry Is

My project, graphic poetry, is a poem. All poems are carefully composed and most original pieces are published in literature magazines. Most subjects are universal conflicts—breast cancer, earthquakes & tsunamis, stroke, brain surgery, unfulfilled love, or not making monthly rent—I adapted into first-person-narratives where ordinary people confront these broken moments. They are intended to be familiar, disconcerting, thought provoking, and hopefully inspirational. And then these poems are adapted, or visually translated with visual motifs, bridging the gap between words and images.

Savvy Verse & Wit - Review "Home, No Home"

"Home, No Home" was reviewed by Serena at Savvy Vers & Wit. You may enjoy reading her article. "Home, No Home" are available from Educe Press, Amazon, and my Etsy Store.
At my Etsy Store, I would like to offer $8 (this is 35% off price!) for "Home, No Home" and I will sign it if you ask. Currently, I am offering a $5 shipping cost for international orders as well as my newest poetry chapbook, "Silver Seasons of Heartache".