The CLAS Notable Recent Alumnus Award at IU South Bend

Thank you very much for having me at the 2017 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Notable Recent Alumnus Award, Indiana University South Bend. I was so happy to hear the following words from English professors. 

Photo by Diane Passero.

“Naoko Fujimoto’s poems were startling from the beginning. She had an ability to speak autobiographically, while using the starkness of metaphor and ellipses to create jarring narratives that crackled with the music of hard fact. Her poems deliver the pathos of a personal poetry, poems about surviving and adapting to living in the United States, poems about her family back in Japan (including her many poems about the 2011 tsunami, which are devastatingly troubling and beautiful), poems about visual art and music, poems about desire and the nature of futility. …Naoko Fujimoto is a true visionary.”