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Visual Poetry Project #1, "Japanese Apricot Wine"

Visual Poetry Project #1, "Japanese Apricot Wine" My poetry chapbook and art are available at Amazon and Etsy.

Remembrance: Book One: Arrival (Remembrance Saga) by H. Buchanan

I am reading "Remembrance" by H. Buchanan. This story is about an American jazz musician in World War I, France. The author's project homepage is here.

"Sometimes, I can't thank too hard about what we're doing here in this war. Are we making things better for the world, or worse? We are answering Germany with better guns and better airplanes, so the ways of killing get better. David and I are staying in this little town outside of Reims, and the folk are just smiling at us, offering us everything they can-- bread, apples, wine(which we happily accept). They know the Black Watch is on their side, fighting for them. I'm hoping that America will hear of out good deeds here, but then I get mad at myself for even wanting America's love." -- Jimmy's Journal April 29, 1918

Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project -"Kapok-Tree"

Graphic Poetry Project -"Kapok-Tree"
My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home", is available at  Educe Press, Amazon, and My Etsy Store.
My recent projects: Part 1 : Japanese Apricot Wine Part 2 : Protest Against 
Part 3 : Radio Tower Part 4 : Infestation of River People