Twelve by Three Hundred - May

I take notes because it is much easier for me to write a poem after work or on the weekend. Some writers do not take notes as they remember all their inspirations mentally, and many of them are brilliant writers. I envy them, but I need to do it my way and take notes to best remember those moments I had during the week.

Because I trap my favorite words for a long time, I must have particular note books— a note book that I have been using for seven years is from Italy with pretty flowers on the cover page, a diary-schedule type book is from Japan, and my recent favorite one is from India— I bought it in a local bazaar in Jaipur.

When I walked down some streets in the city, there were several note book stores because they were close to some schools. But all the note books were so dusty— when I touched them to select one, my fingertips became gray... In addition, the makers tried to sell me some for ridiculously high prices, like $10 for a small note book. If I spend $10 in Japan, I could buy a super artistic one with great utility.

Therefore, I negotiated hard. I felt like a complainer though – this note book has a stain, or why it is covered in dust – I am pretty sure I was the typical, picky Japanese girl. But I eventually found one that I really liked. I paid about $2.50 and carried it in my arm. It is definitely one of my favorite souvenirs from India.

So far, I wrote four poems from the note book. And my black cat loves the string attached to it. She dragged it from the dining table to the carpet in the morning several times. I have to pack it in my handbag now and take it to work so she doesn’t hide it from me.