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Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project - "Radio Tower"

Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project  This is one of my favorite poems of mine.
My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home", is available at  Educe Press, Amazon, and My Etsy Store.
My recent projects: Part 1 : Japanese Apricot Wine Part 2 : Protest Against
2013 Project Part 1 2013 Project Part 2

Have a Wonderful Monday!

A cold morning and an ideal breakfast.

Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project #2 - "Protest Against"

I name my project "Graphic Poetry". 
New Project #1: Japanese Apricot Wine
2013 Project #1 2013 Project #2
My poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home," is available atAmazon. You may purchase my chapbook & drawing at Etsy.

Visual Poetry Project

I am working on my visual poetry project again. 
New York City and current exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago inspired me a lot. 
You may see my past visual poetry project. Part 1 Part 2

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I wish that I could live in New York City for a while.  (At the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

"How I Write" - Interview by Nano Fiction

Enjoy reading my short interview "How I Write" by Nano Fiction! My poetry chapbook is available at Amazon, Educe Press, and my Etsy store.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A dozen roses make me happy. My hubby abducted pinecones from the street. Have a happy thanksgiving!

Poetry Reading 2016

From left, Myopic Book Store, Rhino Poetry Reading, Live Lyre by Glass Lyre Press, and Tupelo Press 30 poems / 30 days reading.Thank you very much for having me for wonderful poetry readings in 2016.

The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova: A Biographical Collage

My new inspiration is arrived!  "The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova"  by my college fiction professor, Kelcey Parker Ervick.

"Home, No Home" and Drawing

Would you like to own my art and poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home"? Visit my Etsy Shop.

Time to Create Some New Art

Time to create some new art

Christine Starr Davis

Christine Starr Davis, you are wonderful.

Amazon Review - "Home, No Home"

I am really thankful. Poetry Chapbook, "Home, No Home"

Tupelo Press 30/30 Event - ARTS + LITERATURE LABORATORY

Madison, WI 53704

There's Half You Want & There's Half You Hate

C. Russell Price's Poetry Collection - "Tonight, We Fuck"

This morning, I am reading Charles Russell Price's poetry collection, "Tonight, We Fuck".

Nate Marshall's Poetry Collection - "Wild Hundreds"

My favorite poem from Nate Marshall's poetry collection,"Wild Hundreds", is "out south". 

"Proofs & Theories" - Louise Glück

A note for myself

Nate Marshall's Poetry Collection - "Wild Hundreds"

I am reading Nate Marshall's "Wild Hundreds".

"Homewrecker" by Ocean Vuong - "Night Sky With Exit Wounds"

"Homewrecker" by Ocean Vuong - "Night Sky With Exit Wounds"is my favorite poem.

Interview - The Pshares' blog - "A Landing Spot for My Word-Sounds"

"Night Sky with Exit Wounds" - Ocean Vuong

August Poetry Collection

I met some wonderful poets in August. From the top left, Anthony Madrid, Angela Narciso Torres, Silvia Bonilla, Allison Joseph, Yoko Danno, and Jon Tribble. They are great inspirations for my new poetry project.

August Poetry Exchange Program

August Poetry Exchange Program:

Silvia Bonilla's "An Animal Startled by the Mechanisms of Life" 
Angela Narciso Torres's"Blood Orange" 
Anthony Madrid's "The Getting Rid" 

I was so happy to exchange my chapbook, "Home, No Home," with them.

"Pretty Little Failboat" from Anthony Madrid's "The Getting Rid".

My favorite poem from Anthony Madrid's"The Getting Rid".

As of 8-26-2016 Noon "Home, No Home" is #8 in Amazon Best Asian American Poetry

Great news everyone! I am really thankful that many people are supporting my poetry. As of 08-26-2016 around noon, my poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home," is #8 in Amazon Best Asian American Poetry. And #1 is Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong. His reading is just amazing. 

Anthony Madrid's Poetry Collection, "The Getting Rid"

I exchanged my poetry chapbook, "Home, No Home," with Anthony Madrid's "The Getting Rid". He writes contemporary rhyming poems. He inspired me very much and I am writing a couple of rhyming poems.

My Favorite Poem from Angela Narciso Torres' Poetry Collection

My favorite poem from Angela Narciso Torres's "Blood Orange"

Angela Narciso Torres's Poetry Collection - "Blood Orange"

I exchanged my chapbook, "Home, No Home,"with Angela Narciso Torres's poetry collection, "Blood Orange."

Have a Great Weekend!

Have a great weekend!
I received a letter from my grandmother. It made my day!

Yoko Danno's "Aquamarine" - #6 at random

One of my favorite poems from Yoko Danno's "Aquamarine"

Marina Veiler - Pianist & Jewelry Designer

My dear college friend,Marina Veiler, is a pianist (once we had a music-poetry reading in South Bend, IN) now she is a jewelry designer!! She designed this bracelet for me.

Her music is also available at YouTube.

Yoko Danno's poetry collection, "Aquamarine"

I am reading Yoko Danno's poetry collection, "Aquamarine".

Allison Joseph's "Libero" from her poetry collection, "Mortal Rewards."

After I watched Olympic volleyball games,  I read Allison Joseph's "Libero" from her poetry collection, "Mortal Rewards."


I am reading Jon Tribble's "Natural State"and my favorite piece is "Magnolia."

Jon Tribble's "Natural State"

I am currently reading Jon Tribble's "Natural State."

Amazon Review - "Home, No Home" Poetry Chapbook

Thank you very much for supporting my chapbook, "Home, No Home." "Seventeen Blue" is my favorite too. 
Amazon - "Home, No Home" 

Amazon Best Sellers Best Asian American Poetry #16

Thank you very much for supporting my little poetry book, "Home, No Home." Today, it was listed in Amazon Best Sellers Best Asian American Poetry #16. (My favorite, FAVORITE, Li-Young Le's "Rose" is #8!)
I am really happy and thankful.  
"Home, No Home" 

Silvia Bonilla - "An Animal Startled by the Mechanisms of Life"

I exchange my chapbook to Silvia Bonilla's  "An Animal Startled By the Mechanisms of Life"

"Home, No Home" and "Thirty Days" are available at Amazon.

"Home, No Home"and "Thirty Days"are available at Amazon. 

With a poet, Dara Elerath, at Mass MoCa

With a poet, Dara Elerath, at Mass MoCa

Poetry Reading at Myopic Bookstore

Poetry Reading at Myopic Bookstore

Residency at MASS MoCA

Residency at MASS MoCA Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art 
Supported by Tupelo Press

Have a Happy Monday!

Have a happy morning!  The wonderful collection of tea from Malaysia
I am drinking a cup of TWG tea French Earl Gray.

Poetry Chapbook - The Continuing Adventures of Orthomax

Why I Started Collecting Spatulas

This is originally why I started collecting; perhaps, gathering spatulas.    Read my short article about spatulas.
Empty Suitcase, "Dear Roommates"