Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project - "Radio Tower"

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Graphic (Visual) Poetry Project #2 - "Protest Against"

Visual Poetry Project

Metropolitan Museum of Art

"How I Write" - Interview by Nano Fiction

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Poetry Reading 2016

The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova: A Biographical Collage

"Home, No Home" and Drawing

Cream City Review

Time to Create Some New Art

Christine Starr Davis

Amazon Review - "Home, No Home"

Live Lyre: An Afternoon of Poetry by Glass Lyre Press

Tupelo Press 30/30 Event - ARTS + LITERATURE LABORATORY

There's Half You Want & There's Half You Hate

C. Russell Price's Poetry Collection - "Tonight, We Fuck"

Nate Marshall's Poetry Collection - "Wild Hundreds"

"Proofs & Theories" - Louise Glück

Nate Marshall's Poetry Collection - "Wild Hundreds"

Rhino Magazine

"Homewrecker" by Ocean Vuong - "Night Sky With Exit Wounds"

Interview - The Pshares' blog - "A Landing Spot for My Word-Sounds"

"Night Sky with Exit Wounds" - Ocean Vuong

August Poetry Collection

August Poetry Exchange Program

"Pretty Little Failboat" from Anthony Madrid's "The Getting Rid".

As of 8-26-2016 Noon "Home, No Home" is #8 in Amazon Best Asian American Poetry

Anthony Madrid's Poetry Collection, "The Getting Rid"

My Favorite Poem from Angela Narciso Torres' Poetry Collection

Angela Narciso Torres's Poetry Collection - "Blood Orange"

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Yoko Danno's "Aquamarine" - #6 at random

Marina Veiler - Pianist & Jewelry Designer

Yoko Danno's poetry collection, "Aquamarine"

Allison Joseph's "Libero" from her poetry collection, "Mortal Rewards."


Jon Tribble's "Natural State"

Amazon Review - "Home, No Home" Poetry Chapbook

Amazon Best Sellers Best Asian American Poetry #16

Silvia Bonilla - "An Animal Startled by the Mechanisms of Life"

"Home, No Home" and "Thirty Days" are available at Amazon.

With a poet, Dara Elerath, at Mass MoCa

Poetry Reading at Myopic Bookstore

Residency at MASS MoCA

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Poetry Chapbook - The Continuing Adventures of Orthomax

Why I Started Collecting Spatulas