Kennedy Space Center, Orlando Florida

It is always mixed a feeling, fantastic and nervous when I visit a new place. Especially when my budget and vacation time meet (miraculously I still have two day vacations), I must travel. My hubby and I decided to visit Orlando, Florida in the last minute. Airplane tickets from United Airlines were acceptable (and Double Tree Orlando by Hilton had a special discount).

On the first day, after renting a car, we visited the Kennedy Space Center. The most exciting and educational centers there were the real space shuttle (Atlantis), legendary Apollo Projects, the moon stone, and many other excitements. I booked tickets through their website; therefore, I did not have to wait in a long line (even though it was not a popular season to visit). I should have registered online ahead of time because I could have received $10 gift cards. It was my only regret and my hubby said "stop saying that."

The space shuttle Altantis was huge. I could see burn marks on the surface which told how tough it was to re-enter Earth's atmosphere so many times. Jet engine outlets (pictured right) are bigger than my parents' apartment in Japan.

I work for the tool industry and my company has business relationships with aerospace projects. I was so thrilled to think that maybe my company's products make these shuttle parts, or maybe I sold milling tools & equipment to one of NASA's manufacturing lavatories. What I do is a million galaxies away from an artistic-poetic field; however, it gives me different identities. I finally started appreciating my job with a non-poetic, sometimes dusty, rusty, and oily inside sales position.

In the Kennedy Space Center, there were governmental and commercial (private) facilities to showcase space shuttles and satellites. Space shuttles were made in the big white building (pictured above), and the shuttle was transported by a huge vehicle to its launching space. It takes more than 8 hours to get there. The road for the shuttle is very wide (pictured bottom) and I saw some alligators by the water along the road. 

Space Launch Experience was really shaky. I sat head down at a ninety degree angle for about a minute and a half. For actual astronauts, they have to sit in that position for eight hours. Astronauts explained that the launching experience is very close to the actual feeling. My hubby was a little bit disappointed because it was not as extreme as the video presentation (compared it to a massage chair). However, I was afraid to lose my earrings and leave the Earth. The Earth was beautiful from space and I felt zero gravity for about three seconds. Kennedy Space Center definitely opened my mind about space exploration. I feel that space is much closer than I think. If I visit the center again, I would like to try astronaut training activities and have a breakfast with one.  

After the Kennedy Space Center, we visited Cocoa Beach to have dinner. It was fun to watch surfers from Pelican's Bar & Grill. I have never had salad in a bread bowl; however, the garlic bread was really delicious along with popcorn alligator (it tasted like soft chicken) and seafood tacos.