Hungry Beauty - Six Nations in Brussels, Belgium

Six Nations in Brussels, Belgium

My hubby said, "I want to eat good fish and chips."

We walked about one hour and finally found a British pub called, Churchill's. 

"Can I order fish and chips?"

The owner at Churchill's said with an authentic British accent, "We do not serve fish and chips." (I love international English, maybe because I have a heavy Japanese accent.) The owner's assistant suggested we visit Six Nations around the corner of Grand Place.

Often restaurants in the middle of very famous sightseeing spots do not taste good or have bad service because their location ensures customers will keep coming anyway; however, Six Nations was an exception.

They had the best fish and chips ever! And I loved my Caesar salad wraps. 

So, we wanted to eat their fish and chips again before leaving Belgium. But the restaurant was packed because people were gathering to watch a live succor game in England. Everyone held a bottle of beer and cheered so hard. We could literally not fit through the doorway and the people were spilling out into the street to watch the outside screen. Therefore we could not get seats for the night.

48-50 Rue Gretry, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 203 07 33