Hungry Beauty: Dutch Pancake at De Sneeker Pan in Amsterdam

 De Sneeker Pan in Amsterdam

I had a Dutch pancake for the first time at De Sneeker Pan in Amsterdam and I immediately became a fun of the Dutch style. There were also very pretty and kind waitresses working at the café. The kitchen counter was nicely organized with fresh baked chocolate cake—I wished that my stomach was slightly larger than now—cookies and pasty. Very cute plates and cups were decorated along with fruits in a bowl. The café welcomed us in a cozy morning moment.

I ordered an apple pancake, of course, Dutch style. When they brought my breakfast, I was really surprised.

I said, “It is so huge!”

The waitress said, “This is Dutch style, enjoy!”

The pancake neatly folded over the plate. It was like a thicker style of crepe with many thin slices of apples and raisins. Apple sweet and sour flavors were matched with additional maple syrup and powdered sugar—later I learned that some local people added brown sugar on the top of the pancake. I enjoyed having the pancake along with green salad, French bread, and an omelet breakfast combo. I thought that I might have ordered too much, but my hubby and I ate everything. It was delicious.

When I came back to my apartment, I tried to make Dutch pancakes. So far I tried four times to get it right, but at least they’re getting better. The Dutch pancake needed patience because it was huge, so it is difficult to flip when cooking. In addition, when I searched for a recipe for Dutch pancake, there were many versions and cooking styles available.

I used an iron frying pan on the stove when I made it. I stir fried slices of apples with unsalted butter first, and then I poured flour mix. I waited until the bottom became brown and flipped it with two spatulas. But there was another cooking style; put the iron pan into the oven after cooking the apples and pouring the flour mix. After twenty-some minutes, the pancake will become golden crisp on the top. I have not tried the new style yet. It will be a fun experiment for another weekend breakfast at home. 

De Sneeker Pan

Kerkstraat 48,
1017GM Binnenstad, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 6223660