Brilliant Beauty – Meeting Windmill Masters and Walking at Kinderdijk


I drive forty minutes to work. I sit down in front of two computer screens from eight to five. My office exercises are to get coffee, go to bathroom, and laugh with coworkers. I try to walk during lunch time; however, it is difficult to devote a good amount of time to exercise. My energy is super low after work on the couch with chocolate cookies.

I wish that my neighborhood is an exciting place to walk like Kinderdijk!

Kinderdijk is a village in the Netherlands and protected by UNESCO World Heritage. There are nineteen authentic windmills. Visit their home page:

I gasped when I saw the windmills between small houses. I was really surprised and moved by the scenery. Nineteen big windmills randomly stood along small river banks. They stood like great god-like figures—now I really understand why Don Quixote was crazily attached to the windmills in Spain—On the day we visited, the main park office was closed, so my hubby found a perfect parking spot and we decided to walk around.

At first, we did not know that we parked in a residence area. But the people were very nice to us when we approached them. A man and his son were working to restore the windmill when we approached.

The man said, “Come in! Where are you from?”

We then had a private windmill tour after we parked in the private residency area. I noticed that people from the Netherlands are very kind and super relaxed.

“Are you Red Sox fan?” asked the man after seeing my hubby’s ‘South Side’ shirt. It was an unexpected question but he answered, “What? White Sox!”

And he explained that there were many visitors from Boston when he ran tours for the area, so he became a de-facto Red Sox fan. He even joked that he made people with Yankees hats remove them before his tours.

His son then released a rope, and suddenly the windmill started moving. The wind raised and it made a ‘whiz’ sound. It hypnotized me, making me slowly walk closer to the moving wings.

“Don’t go to close. It is lethal!” the man said with his Dutch accent. We eventually left, having felt thankful to meet the two men and see the windmill so closely.

On the apartment couch, I said again, "I want to walk through Kinderdijk!!" My hubby said, “Well, it is little far from here. But we have very nice forest preserve nearby.”

So, one Sunday afternoon we walked in the neighborhood park and saw a fisherman by the river…

Taking time and walking is fun!

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