Forgotten Lost Underwear Shopping Spree at a Church

The Cathedral of Our Lady, a Roman Catholic cathedral in Antwerp, Belgium

Inside of Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (The Cathedral of Our Lady, a Roman Catholic cathedral in Antwerp, Belgium), there are several small chapels. One of them is where people visit to pray for finding something they lost— glasses, wallets, maybe rings— then God will find their lost objects (the origin of the chapel is that Jesus’ foreskin was there and God forgot to take it back to heaven, but that’s not really advertised at the entrance).

My grandmother used to chant an incantation when she lost her cooking timer (my sister and I also hid it in a kitchen drawer and set it for 60 minutes). When she lost her things, she tied scissors to a long rope and dangled them from a tea kettle. Over her dining table, the scissors would hang from the kettle as she chanted, “Please lead me to my watch.” I just find it easier to blame my husband for losing whatever it is and make him find it—maybe it’s a generational thing.

In Antwerp, minus scissors and a kettle, there is a beautiful and well decorated alter for people who lost things. The walls are painted historical family crests, and candles light angels along the walls. I felt that I could definitely find my lost things when I tried to recall what I lost recently.

I did not lose any objects (that I remember); with the exception of my glasses, I am usually good at placing my things in the same place every time. Once I found my glasses in my hubby’s underwear drawer—perhaps that’s when I lost that “falling in love feeling” after five years. Could God help find a “feeling” like a lost object? I came here from far away so I must try to pray. I lit a small candle and closed my eyes saying, “Please let me fall in love again.”

Suddenly it occurred to me after this trip that I should clean up my closet. I really want to throw away old underwear and replace them with all spring colors with laceworks (or that’s the excuse I will use when shopping for them). I know someone will like the new collection. I hold my hubby’s hand to leave the church. 

De Kathedraal 
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