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Food – Bistro Maurice Walplein Brugge, Belgium

Bistro Maurice

“I would like to have a tiny chocolate desert” I said after fantastic dinner.
“Do you have fifteen minutes?” an owner at Bistro Maurice said. 

The restaurant was located in a corner of Walplein and Zonnekemeers streets in Brugge, Belgium. They served Belgium traditional meals (Flemish meal) and local beer along with French style dishes. The owner was very friendly and kind to translate all the menu items into English for us. Their beef stew (Stoofpot Kalfsvlee) was well seasoned (nutmeg?) and delicious— and I noticed that there are carrots in every meal in Belgium. I couldn’t help but wonder that people eat carrots to offset any chance of gout (with all the beer they drink). Maybe it’s just in the culture and they don’t even think about it.    

After fifteen minutes, with two cute hearts of syrup on the plate, I had moelleux chocolate cake (fondant chocolate cake) for the first time. When I cut the small muffin-like chocolate cake, chocolate was melting out from inside. Its outside was crunchy, but the inside was warm and semi-sweet. My hubby took the best shot of myself with the cake.

Like the restaurants, the chefs in Belgium take extreme care of their dishes, like preparing an art on a plate. In addition, good restaurants have clean tables and facilities and shiny silver ware. My hubby was surprised that their simple table cloths at Bistro Maurice were made in Belgium (not in China).

I will come back for the moelleux chocolate cake for sure. And I added to my to-do list to make one myself. I just bought a bag of flour— surprisingly I have never purchased flour before. I traditionally do not bake, especially not something as prominent as moelleux chocolate cake.

Bistro Maurice
Walplein 13 
B-8000 Brugge, Belgium 
Phone: 050-611-811

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