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Brilliant Beauty - Gout and Japanese Rice Vinegar

I cooked a daikon-radish and carrots in a pressure cooker. I added one circle of white wine and a drizzle of sea salt and cooked for about five minutes. I also baked gobou-burdock in 350F until it became brown and crisp after I soaked it in vinegar water and microwaved it for five minutes. I cooked roots after roots a lot last week.

My husband who is still recovering his first gout attack ate the softened daikon-radish with soy sauce and baked gobou-burdock for snacks for a week. He loved the baked gobou-burdock! He said that it tasted like a healthy version of French fries. He feels less pain in his foot and the swelling has dramatically reduced. In addition, roots are full of fibers, so our digestive systems are working really well. I will keep cooking those roots for dinner along with many others. Surprisingly, there are so many roots available in the local supermarket. It is fun to adapt new vegetables to every meal.

I also started drinking Japanese rice vinegar after my one-hour baths. Japanese rice vinegar supports the immune system. In addition, the amino acids in the rice vinegar help prevent the storage of body fat, so it is very helpful for people with high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the factors causing gout, and my husband has always had slightly elevated BP (along with a family history of uric acid buildup). I suggested he drink the rice vinegar, but he hates the distinguish smell and taste.

It is hard to drink only Japanese rice vinegar, it is even challenging for Japanese people. I mixed 20 – 30ml of rice vinegar with a slice of konbu-seaweed, slices of lemon, a spoonful brown sugar, and water in bottle because it dilutes the smell and taste. It stays in a refrigerator for a day. When he drinks, it is nice and cold, so the smell and taste are further reduced.

I asked, “Do you like it?”
My husband said, “It is ok. I won’t drink it everyday, though.”
I said, “It is good for your health.”
He replied, “I’m finally enjoying roots. Don’t want to ruin it with straight vinegar.”

The response made me super angry and irritated. I am thinking of improving his health. I read articles and study nutrition. However, when he said, “It is ok” with negative tone of voice, I felt that he seemed to not care. Well, I keep making the vinegar drink every night. It is helpful to keep maintaining my healthy skin anyway. If I was one of girls in the musical “Chicago”, I probably would have shot him in the head because of the irritation. Fortunately, I am not that crazy…yet.

I tried to understand that drinking vinegar would be stressful as he has always disliked it. I suggested he drink it every other day.  He only said, “Ok.” Ok— I breathed in deep breath and tried not to act like those woman in the musical. I also heard that there are pill forms of rice vinegar supplements (which he responded to much more positively). There are so many flexible ways to be healthy. I keep finding a way— it is good for both him and me— and not destroying our marriage.

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