Brilliant Beauty – Belgium Women

Saint Catherine

I am so curious why women in Belgium are so beautiful. I met several of them in Belgium at hotels, cafes, bakeries, and subway stations. They are extremely kind and charming. They have very healthy skin— their cheeks are soft and smoother than American girls— and very fashionable. Most of them have very thick black glasses— I assume that it is trend for them— and wear black leather jackets with skinny jeans.  They smoke after meals or during office breaks. Then they drink beer in the evening with cigarettes at cafes. And then they smoke while walking back home.

I gazed at a lot of girls in Belgium. It was hard to resist not looking at them. Why were they are so beautiful even though they smoke and drink beer? Delicious bakeries are located at every corner. In Brussels, it is much easier to find chocolate shops than a Starbucks— I am not anti-Starbucks, but I am glad that I do not see them in Belgium. I saw girls who ate super hard baguette-sandwiches in the morning at stations while they smoked. They would share dark chocolate croissants with their friends. (the chocolate croissants are wonderful in Belgium) 

I felt a certain “freedom” from their attitude. They sit down in front of Saint Catherine’s cathedral and were so happy talking to their friends with some finger food and alcohol. With good food and friends, they can create a picnic anywhere. Even the old stone side streets have some stains of bird droppings, chewing gum, and trash—they seem not to care about those minor spots.

The girls wear colorful scarves with their black jackets. There were no rules for their fashion— they seem to try whatever they think looks good— They mix old and new trends with clothes from stores and antique/used shops. They are so naturally relaxed compared to girls from Japan and America. It reminds me of my French friend. She decorated her bathroom with Miss Dior’s paper advertisements in antique picture flames. Maybe because so much art and fashion comes from Europe, I felt a strong beauty about Belgium woman. But “relaxed” is a key descriptor for them.

So I try to relax when typing stories for my blog, eating Belgium chocolates from Mary in Brussels— My hubby and I did not have enough money to buy two boxes of chocolates from the store— and will be obsessing over observing Belgium woman for a while.

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