Brilliant Beauty - Sugar * Sugar * Sugar

A sugary Valentine’s week has passed. I had Chicago style popcorn (cheese and caramel), Japanese chocolate snacks, a brownie, chocolate chip cookies, a pink frosting cup cake, and a cinnamon roll. Sugar was unfortunately unavoidable. My birthday is in seven days.

When I reviewed the last ten days of my food diary, I refused to regret this week. If I am upset about how much sugar I had, stress will build up and that is definitely not good for my body and metal health. However, I tried many things to avoid sugar.

Solution 1:
I ate a small honey crisp apple before lunch and dinner.

My digestion system worked so well. My stomach became beautifully flat just like my upper body.

Solution 2:
I ate raisins after lunch and dinner when I wanted to have sweets. I bought a small box with just 100 calories.

One box per meal was not enough. I ended up having raisins with glasses of champagne. They were surprisingly good together. My death metal hubby said, “Do you know what champagne is made of?”

In addition, each raisin box had a fortune and wise message on a lid. Some of them were: “Work hard. Be efficient at your office,” “Your bosses are unfortunately right,” and “Five minutes before your meeting means on time.” I did not know that my bosses’ second jobs were writing those words. The messages helped me not to open another box.

Solution 3:
When there were chocolate cookies and brownies on a table, I persuaded myself that it was ok to eat if I continuously did the eighteen hours fast.

I also found an interesting article / book about eight-hours diet. Basically, during the eight hour (lunch – tea time – dinner), I could eat whatever I wanted. It was a similar concept of the eighteen hours fast. Importantly, I had cookies but I did not develop the cookie monster syndrome. Had I never really over stuffed myself?

Solution 4:
For a better metabolism, I kept taking vitamins and exercising with X-Box working programs.


X-Box scanned my body and helped motivate me during an online dance class. The beautiful instructor said, “You look wonderful!” and “It is your own responsibility to burn your calories!” During the weekdays, I had to leave pretty early because of morning meetings; however, I woke up at 5:30am and danced a couple days of the week. The drum rhythm kept me going. Unconsciously, my hands were up in the air while I was copying documents at work.

Solution 5:
I concentrated on what I was having before, during, and after meals.

I planed what I would like to eat before meals. If I wanted to eat cookies, I should avoid sugary Japanese dishes for diner. Japanese cooking is healthy considered to other American food; however, some contain a lot of sweet cooking wine and sugar. During meals, I concentrated on what I was having. I tried not to think “what is for dessert?” After meals, I stringed out my dessert such as a box of raisin and a cup cake. My weakness now was unsalted crunchy tortilla chips.     

My birthday week is coming. From Japan, my family and friends kindly sent me gifts like my favorite boxes of Japanese chocolate and sweets. There are attractive birthday cakes at every bakery, and my coworkers baked handmade cookies. “Naoko, be strong!!” The X-Box instructor said, “No matter how hard is, do not forget to smile. Work it!”