Brilliant Beauty - Sugar Rush & 18 Hours Fast

I love sugar. All I want to eat is three miles of shortening cookies, caramel chocolates, and life-size gummy bears. The most ideal world for me to live in is Sugar Rush in the movie "Wreck-It Ralph".

Unfortunately, my skin condition (アトピー性皮膚炎) does not take sugar well. When it is processed in my body, additional vitamins and minerals are required. My body lacks those substances and causes problems for my skin.

I decided to do two experiments for my body. The first: take vitamins, and the second: do eighteen hour fasts.

I chose the following vitamins with my doctor's suggestion. I also read articles and decided to take additional vitamins that my body might need. They were water-soluble vitamins, so it would be out if I accidentally overdosed.  

B1 50mg (supports the processing of sugar) 
B2 20mg (supports metabolic energy)
B6 20mg (enables reactions of amino acids in the metabolism)
Mg 375mg (supports more than 300 enzyme systems)
C 500mg  (enables at least eight enzymatic reactions, like wound-healing)

I have been taking the vitamins for three months now. I felt energetic. My emotional ups and downs may have been reduced, but I was not sure because I occasionally blamed my husband with or without his direct faults. Poorly, he was still my punch bag.

The eighteen hour fasts were one of the proudest experiments that I have ever done. My mother was a nutritionist, so she always said, "Eat breakfast!"  I felt guilty when I skipped it. I worried when my stomach made loud noises during morning meetings. I was also concerned about how my brain functioned without the food.

When I was a teenager, my metabolism was like a bullet train. But now, I wake up, drive to work, and sit eight hours in front of computer. I was over calorific. For three months, I did a short fast after dinner for about 16 - 18 hours. The first month, I was constipated and my face was red. But soon, all the unnecessary junk regularly came out from my body. My skin tone even became normal. Amazingly, I am not hungry in the morning anymore. With a cup of tea or coffee, my brain works nicely. 

I drink one - two liters of water and tea during the eighteen hour fast. For lunch, I usually have homemade vegetable soup and fruits like apples, pears, bananas, or oranges. My coworkers occasionally feed me with fantastically tasting (and greasy) food. I eat whatever is offered, but try not to stuff myself. In the afternoon, I have a cup of tea without a snack. After work, I cook dinner with my husband. He cuts kabocha pumpkin (and himself, but only one time). I keep a food diary so I know what I had for the week.

My biggest weakness was SUGAR after dinner. I tried to eat an apple or dried grapes to offset it. Of course, they were different than chocolates. Some doctors said that taking magnesium would help no to crave chocolate because it also contains magnesium. I think it was a lie. Even I know that Chocolates are the worst food for my skin condition because of the sugar and oil. I will always want chocolate though (my husband mentions serotonin levels, but research is unclear about that).

So far, I limit myself to have a square of chocolate -- I often fail. I tried baby foods with chocolate flavor because they have less sugar and oil -- they were disgusting. Though I do not have chocolate at home -- there is a vending machine at work. I felt like I was absorbing chocolate into my body by surrounding it with candy wrappers. Eliminating chocolate and sugar from my life was too risky.

I changed my thoughts on it eventually. My coworkers might bring donuts and chocolate cakes for morning meetings or somebody's birthday, so I would have that, but limit my sugar after lunch. I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with my husband, so I was not going to have chocolate after dinner. I coordinated my sugar levels with my food diary. If I still want sugar, I have a box of dried raisins.

I sometimes think that I could be a cookie monster who has never worried about their over-cookie-eating habit. For my healthy skin (and brain functions), I have to maintain some sugar, right?