Sunday, June 16, 2013

"A Poetry Handbook" by Mary Oliver

"A Poetry Handbook" by Mary Oliver

"Everyone knows that poets are born and not made in school. This is true also of painters, sculptors, and musicians. Something that is essential can't be taught; it can only be given, or earned, or formulated in a manner too mysterious to be picked apart and redesigned for the next person.

Still, painters, sculptors, and musicians require a lively acquaintance with the history of their particular field and with past as well as current theories and techniques. And the same is true of poets. Whatever can't be taught, there is a great deal that can, and must, be learned."

I was at Barns and Noble before my hubby & I went to see "This is the End." The poetry section was horrible; however, I found Mary Oliver's and Li-Young Lee's books. 

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