"Virginia Wolf" by Kyo Maclear

Story by Kyo Maclear
Publisher: Kids Can Press 
 Four out of Five Stars

"If I were flying, I would travel
to a perfect place. A place 
with frosted cakes and beautiful 
flowers and excellent trees
to climb and absolutely no doldums..."

The story was cleverly inspired by Virginia Woolf and her sister. Virginia woke up feeling wolfish -- depressed & hysterical, as Virgina Woolf was known as being -- so her sister tries to cheer Virginia up. I love the story's idea, Isabelle Arsenault's art, and the handwriting in the book. The book stands out because their beautiful art choices. However, I may disagree with the word and image choices. It seemed to rely too much on short, choppy sentences. Maybe it was trying to establish a rhythm, but it seemed overly-simple in spots.