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"Inside My Imagination" by Marta Arteaga

Story by Marta Arteaga
Art by Zuzanna Celej
Publisher: Cuento De Luz
Four out of Five Stars 

"I can keep the sounds of the earth
in a music box-the seas and the rivers,
the crickets, the squirrels leaping through the trees,
and the whisper of the wind in their leaves on those trees..."

This is a story of a girl who explains how to work her mind processes. She explains what her imagination is and how to lead a new idea from it. She expresses her ideas into letters and words. From the first couple pages, I was not into the story because there were unicorns. (I really do not understand why childhood memories require unicorns.) However, after several pages, the story becomes more serious and philosophical. She presents her imagination like she presents herself. The sentences flow awkwardly, but work together to paint a smooth palette. The art poetically fills the lines between the spaces.  

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