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Day 3: Tupelo Press 30/30 Poetry Project ( National Poetry Month)


“Takashi, Tomoya, maybe Takuma…”
My sister repeats 

boys’ names to my father. Her extended 
arms wrap around her oversized 

red sweater. Her hands stroke it 
while she calls each name. 

Every second, 

the child thrusts through the amniotic 
fluid. He wants to breathe in this indecisive 

world like a flying fish. Its silver fins 
flutter to splash screaming; 

I am here. 

March 11th is still our father’s birthday 
after he had a stroke. Two years ago 

on that day, he was in a wheelchair 
when countless victims 

washed away from a tsunami. 

My sister’s fingers tap on a glass of water. 

“And what if I die?”

I hear opaque ripples 
in her heart and a church bells 

in the distance. It is twenty minutes 
closer to Thursday.

At the dining table, our father 


our favorite lullaby. 

*Click* 30/30 Project by Tupelo Press 

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