Day 2: Tupelo Press 30/30 Poetry Project ( National Poetry Month)


The upside-down piano in the green 
dumpster is my silver-wire 


I find a ladder and 
pull it up from piles of 

pizza boxes. Stale soda 
spills over on my lacework skirt.

Once I saw 

the old piano in Liberty Island. 
Its keys were like pieces of stairs.

Between strings, 
there were cobwebs. You found 

a fingerprint on the black ledge.

I listened to Ernest Nazareth 
for the first time when you hummed 

phrases of tango and played on my clavicle. 

I open 

the score. My fingertips 
turn dusty-gray. I wipe off the keys 

with my sleeves 

like you used to do. 

***Note: “Silver-wire heartache” is from Flower Conroy, Day 1 Poem: You Should Have a Fool in Your Poem. Thank you very much for this inspiration.

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