Day 1: Tupelo Press 30/30 Poetry Project ( National Poetry Month)

Sakura, Sakura, Cherry Blossom 

I was waiting for the railway crossing. On the radio,
guitarists played an old Japanese folk song
that was an early spring surprise. When I closed
my eyes, I could see cherry blossoms at Tokugawa Park.
They were budding for a long time, and then
suddenly gray-pink petals fell
and yellow stamens covered the streets.
I picked up the blossoms and pressed them
in telephone books before rain-drops ruined
these now transparent beautiful
existences, and I always handed the best to my mother.
I do not remember when I walked through
the tree-lined road last time. I forgot
the lyric................The car behind me honked.
A couple of snowflakes landed on the windshield.