Two Year Anniversary of the March 11 Earthquake & Tsunami

On March 11th, 2011, there was the Tohoku Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters. It has been two years; however, there are still many, many obstacles from those that have yet to be overcome.  I have been adapting to write these problems into my poems. Next my project is to visit the North part of Japan. I want to see the places and want to listen to their experiences.

But for now, I pray for the victims and their families.

After the tsunami on 3/11/2011

A yellow little shoe drifted away. I 
clasped my hands around the tree 
trunk & smelled of the endless 

.....water desert.

I squatted down in a futon-closet & waited 
for my mother in the summer, 1993.
My aunt opened the closet with wheat bread 

.....& eight boiled eggs.

I waved my hands to the silver 
whistles of a helicopter in the morning 
sky. It dropped a rope like a spider

.....thread three miles away from my tree.

Dear Mother,
Did you escape the land of sudden