Tupelo Press 30/30 Project in April - Raffle

I am going to be joining “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days by Tupelo Press in National Poetry Month, this APRIL. This is a part of their fundraising. 

For this project, I am not only contributing my poems for 30 days, I am also organizing my own raffle: One person in each category will win a prize in MAY.

If you donate, you will receive: 

#1) Platinum ($50.00 – More) An original poem after I speak with you.
#2) Gold ($25.00 - $49.00) Your choice of original art from Etsy (or request).
#3) Silver ($15.00 - $24.99) My choice of original art
#4) Bronze ($05.00 - $14.99) My original postcard 

Please keep these in mind in the coming weeks. If you have cool ideas for poems, please share with me. So far, I am drawing and writing together on the same paper. 

Please scroll down to the form at the bottom, and put a contributor’s name in the “honor” field. I would be very happy if you write down my name.

After your donation, please email to me: writingnaoko(at)hotmail(dot)com
#1) Subject Line: 30/30 Project – Your Name
#2) Please write down your donate category

When four winners are chosen, I will contact them to ask for their home addresses and further details. If you do not hear from me in MAY, I am sorry, but you did not win. However, I appreciate your support very much regardless. 

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