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Free Etsy Photo Class Part 2

I will take tons of photos for my Etsy shop this weekend. Have a wonderful Easter's weekend! 
Details of this photo *Click* 

Etsy Free Photo Class

I am going to take a free photograph class byEtsy. I really should obsess taking good photos of my art.
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Current Favorite Books and Magazine

With my current favorite books and magazine:

Susan Choi "Person of Interest"
Ryotaro Shiba "Selective Articles from Japanese Magazines"
Virginia Woolf "A Room of One's Own"
Keigo Higashino"Letter" 
Hideo Okuda "South Band"
Robert M. Sapolsky "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulsers"
Instyle March 2013 

"What is meant by "reality"? It would seem to be something very erratic, very undependable--now to be found in a dusty road, now in a scrap of newspaper in the street, now in a daffodil in the sun" -- Virginia Woolf

Organizing Accessories

Friends & Family are visiting for my hubby's birthday. I am organizing my accessories. They are everywhere and the Cat is missing them on a carpet.

My original postcard is available on Etsy *Click*

Etsy - Bubbly Art Exhibition, "I Love Circles!"

I found simple yet amazing art in Etsy. 
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Etsy - My Dream Spring Kitchen List

There are many cool & cute items in Etsy. I made my first treasury list, which is a member-curated shopping gallery comprised of lists of items. Members can create a themed collection or feature their favorite items from all overEtsy.

To See My Treasury Lists *Click* 

ART - The First Day of Spring

Tupelo Press 30/30 Project in April - Raffle

I am going to be joining “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days by Tupelo Press in National Poetry Month, this APRIL. This is a part of their fundraising. 

For this project, I am not only contributing my poems for 30 days, I am also organizing my own raffle: One person in each category will win a prize in MAY.

If you donate, you will receive: 

#1) Platinum ($50.00 – More) An original poem after I speak with you.
#2) Gold ($25.00 - $49.00) Your choice of original art from Etsy (or request).
#3) Silver ($15.00 - $24.99) My choice of original art
#4) Bronze ($05.00 - $14.99) My original postcard 

Please keep these in mind in the coming weeks. If you have cool ideas for poems, please share with me. So far, I am drawing and writing together on the same paper. 

30/30 Project *Click*

Please scroll down to the form at the bottom, and put a contributor’s name in the “honor” field. I would be very happy if you write down my name.

After your donation, please email to me: writingnaoko(at)hotmail(do…

First Customer for My Postcard!

I am really happy to ship the first order. If you would like to have them, there are still available. Enjoy my art in the early spring!
To My Etsy store, *Click*

Original Spring Greeting Postcard!

Good news everyone! 

My art is now available on a postcard. It is only $5.00 including shipping to the U.S. and international. Please enjoy my art in this more casual way!

Size: 5.5'' x 4.3'' 
Finished postcard

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Time to Write Letters

I miss you.

Two Year Anniversary of the March 11 Earthquake & Tsunami

On March 11th, 2011, there was the Tohoku Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters. It has been two years; however, there are still many, many obstacles from those that have yet to be overcome.  I have been adapting to write these problems into my poems. Next my project is to visit the North part of Japan. I want to see the places and want to listen to their experiences.
But for now, I pray for the victims and their families.

After the tsunami on 3/11/2011
A yellow little shoe drifted away. I 
clasped my hands around the tree 
trunk & smelled of the endless 

.....water desert.

I squatted down in a futon-closet & waited 
for my mother in the summer, 1993.
My aunt opened the closet with wheat bread 

.....& eight boiled eggs.

I waved my hands to the silver 
whistles of a helicopter in the morning 
sky. It dropped a rope like a spider

.....thread three miles away from my tree.

Dear Mother,
Did you escape the land of sudden 


The poem was originally published…

The Picasso Effect

"Picasso and Chicago"
February 20 - May 12. 2013
The Art Institute of Chicago 

It was a very informative and enjoyable exhibition. There was a fascinating, short explanation for almost every piece of art. I especially like Picasso's poetry and illustrations. They were created by black and white ink-- simple and powerful. His creative energy inspired me to write a poem at the museum.     

The Art Institute of Chicago *Click* 

20 Days Anniversary - Etsy Store

20 Days Anniversary from the Opening of my Etsy Store! 
Etsy Store *Click*

Flinderslane Gallery in Melbourne, Australia - Mami Yamanaka

One of my very good friends informed me about Mami Yamanaka's exhibition in Melbourne, Australia. It looks super cool & beautiful! 

Silent Yesterday
April 17 - May 5, 2013 
137 Flinders Ln  Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

"Japanese born and Melbourne based, artist Mami Yamanaka deals with pattern with the same sensitivity for which traditional Japanese design is best known. Drawing in circular motions and incorporating forms that symbolise her experience of migration, the intricate forms she produces reflect both the fragility of nature and the abundance of inner experience. This will be Mami’s sixth solo exhibition with FLG. Her work is represented within corporate and private collections in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong...

Bio From Flinderslane Gallery *Click*

Hinamatsuri with Delightful Pastries

Today isHinamatsuri- the Japanese Doll's Festival known as Girl's day. I bought cake to celebrate from Delightful Pastries. My dolls are a gift from my grandmother when I got married.

Marina Veiler - Pianist & Artist

Marina Veiler is a Russian - Estonian pianist and artist. She is currently making handmade cards in her spare time. She designed a birthday card specifically for me. The hand painted butterfly is so beautiful.
Listen to: #1) Marina's Sonette on Youtube *Click*  #2) Marina's Farewell on Youtube *Click*
Yury Orlov, Viola Marina Veiler, Piano

Recorded at Northern Illinois University in March 2011

30/30 Project by Tupelo Press in National Poetry Month

I am going to be joining “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days byTupelo Press in National Poetry Month, this April. This is a part of their fundraising ($25 for a donation). Please consider supporting my work if you enjoy my posted poems in APRIL!!! I will update all my poems and information in my blog. 

30/30 Project for March by Tupelo Press *Click*