Alessandra Simmons' Blog - "Filed Study"

Alessandra Simmons, a former editor of Indiana Review, interviews poets and writers who live and work outside academia. She interviewed me last week and posted the article in her blog.

Past interviewees are:
Abdel Shakur: fiction writer and ninth grade english teacher.
Angela Narciso Torres: poet, mother, ditor of RHINO.
Ellis Felker: poet and greeting card company owner.

"Naoko Fujimoto: poet, artist and the Japanese machine industry"
By Alessandra Simmons

"I met Naoko at a poetry reading in an Irish pub in South Bend, IN. After the reading, we learned that we both lived in Chicago and decided we should meet in Chicago next time and save ourselves the two hour drive. She is a dazzling poet and in this interview shares a lot of insight into a writer’s life. You can find out more about Naoko and her writing and art on her blog..."

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