Charmi Keranen’s Poetry Art Exhibition

My friend, Charmi, is a talented poet from the Midwest and she just published her first book, “The Afterlife is a Dry County” by Big Wonderful Press.

Currently I am organizing her poetry exhibition with domestic and international artists. We are booking an art gallery in South Bend, IN. The schedule is pending. However, we would like to have the exhibition by late this summer. It is going to be something contemporary, beautiful, and crazy!

So far, I have five excellent artists on board:

Ashley Biggs: Cover photographer at IU South Bend Literary Journal.
Alex Zaideman: Calendar photographer at the Indiana Dunes.
Brad Schmidt: Charcoal artist from Colombia College.
Chelle Costello: Artist, musician, and professor at IU South Bend.
Mitoka Yamada: Painter and performer in Tokyo, Japan.

If you introduce me to your artist friends who may be interested in joining this exhibition, please contact me. I am always happy to meet new artists.