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Portland Community College- 2/16

At Portland Community College, Dr. Michael McDowell will teach my poem, "7:30PM, Rhapsody" on February 16, 2012. How amazing is that? In his course, he also teaches a poem by the respected (one of my favorite poets) Li-Young Lee!

Today, my death-metal hubby and I went to the China town in Chicago to celebrate Chinese New Year. We thought about Li-Young Lee because he lived in Chicago. The dragons and high school marching bands in the parade were so exciting. And we inhaled a cloud of burning crackers.

The restaurant, Dragon Court, was excellent. We ordered six different types of dim-sum and seafood noodles. We ordered extra to take home for lunch the next day, but ate everything before we left (and THEN got Garrett's popcorn on the way back).

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