Poetry Reading at Fiddler's Hearth

I am going to read poems at Fiddler's Hearth in South Bend, IN on 11/20.
Thank you very much for the opportunity, Clayton & Charmi.

2:30 Brandi David
2:35 Judith Hizer
2:40 Becky Pelky
2:45 Chris Williams
2:50 Britanny Herrada
2:55 Tamara Nicholl-Smith

3:00 BREAK

3:05 McKenzie Tozan
3:10 Jeff Tatay
3:15 Jack Daly
3:20 Margaret Chapman
3:25 Nicole Koroch
3:30 Naoko Fujimoto

3:40 Featured Reader Alessandra Simmons
***Alessandra Simmons is from Los Angeles. She’s currently the editor of Indiana Review.